White Cloud Puts Electronic Cigarettes through Torture Tests to Dispel Rumors of Exploding E-Cigs

White Cloud 300x241 White Cloud Puts Electronic Cigarettes through Torture Tests to Dispel Rumors of Exploding E CigsThere has been a lot of talk concerning the danger of electronic cigarettes exploding and causing serious injuries, and lots of people are still convinced these things are ticking time bombs. To put their worries to rest, popular  e-cigarette manufacturer White Cloud has subjected their own products to a series of tests and busted a series of myths.

Just a few weeks ago, we wrote a post about all this controversy concerning the possibility of e-cigarettes exploding, and concluded that most of the reported accidents had been a direct result of using modded devices. But this video put together by White Cloud clearly demonstrates that not even in the poorest of conditions are e-cigarette batteries a threat. Of course, they conducted tests on lithium-ion battery-powered e-cigarettes that they supply, so this doesn’t in any way mean you’re safe when using modified or cheap electronic cigarettes. So if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t attempt to mess with your e-cig and put your life at risk for a bit of extra vapor.


If this wasn’t a video, I would probably have said something like “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but now… I was always convinced reputable brands sold only safe e-cigarettes that were risk-free is used as intended, but I never imagined they’d withstand the kind of punishment White Cloud subjected them to. They tried everything from rapidly charging the batteries while the e-cigs were in use, puncturing the batteries, smashing them with a hammer, to cooking the e-cigs in an oven and submerging them in water with the battery activated. In some of the tests the e-cigarette batteries burst into flames, but in most cases they just noticed an increase in temperature, without any visible consequences.

If everything White Cloud are showing in this video is real, I think we can say that as long as you use premium electronic cigarettes and respect the instructions of use, there is little chance of having them explode in your face. Of course, considering the astronomic price of White Cloud e-cigarettes, I’d definitely expect to be risk-free, and even cook me dinner and clean the house. But as we said in our review, if you have the cash, they’re definitely worth it.

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