Weird but appealing e-cig flavors

E-liquids are to blame for every flavour we encounter during our vaping experience. Such as, before the matter in hand, a little presentation of this e-liquid is required.

E-liquids are available in differing nicotine concentrations, ranging from zero nicotine to high. Nicotine-containing e-liquids consist of liquid pharmacy grade nicotine, water and natural and artificial flavorings. These artificial flavorings are the main reason we find ourselves here.

510N e cigarette and e liquids Weird but appealing e cig flavors

All of the above being said, let’s get to the fun part of the article. Researching the e-cig world I came up with the idea to make a comprehensive list of weird but appealing e-cig flavors. Little have I known that this endeavour will make me want to eat and combine all the food I came across. So, before I start my list, I must say and advise everyone, but mainly everyone who’s on a diet, that the following can make you a little faint from hunger.

Because there are so many appealing and weird flavors I tried to sort them out in my own personalized grading system.

At the bottom of my list, with a “I would like to try” grade are the following: Red Bull flavor, Dill Pickle flavor, Butter flavor, Carrot flavor and Coffee Flavor.

Next on my list, with a “I would really like to try” are the following: Lemonade flavor, Coconut flavor, Orange Mint flavor, Watermelon flavor, Pineapple flavor, Mandarin Mint flavor, Mango flavor, plum flavor, dried fruit flavor, Chocolate-Mocha flavor, Clove flavor, Ginger flavor, Maple sweet flavor, chocolate flavor and licorice flavor.

Flickr   cyclonebill   Kylling med bacon Weird but appealing e cig flavors

Last but not least on my list, with a “Gimme, gimme, gimme” grade are the following: Honey flavor, Fried Bacon flavor, Peppered Jerky flavor, Garlic Bread flavor, Blue Cheese flavor, Ketchup flavor, Popcorn flavor, cured ham flavor, roasted chicken flavor, roasted beef flavor, pizza flavor, cola flavor, vanilla notes and mint flavor, King Crab Legs flavor, Cucumber flavor, Worcestershire Sauce and Bacon & Whiskey flavor.

After all that food frenzy, I think that, the last whiskey flavor comes just right on time. Every flavor I ranked up above is real and can be found out there. Many e-cig manufacturers produce and advertise them, so please don’t hesitate to indulge yourself in some vaping aromatherapy.  

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