V2 Cigs Sets World Record for Most People Using E-Cigarettes in One Place

V2 Cigs logo 300x209 V2 Cigs Sets World Record for Most People Using E Cigarettes in One PlaceOver 500 people gathered at Windward Plaza in Venice Beach, California, on June 8, to light up V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes and raise awareness about the revolutionary tobacco cigarette alternative.

Although it doesn’t seem all that important, it’s unique events like this that draw the attention of the media and help raise awareness about the positive effects of switching from tobacco smoke to e-cig vapor. Ever since they were first introduced on the US marker, e-cigarettes have constantly been under fire for their yet-unknown effects on the human body. But every once in a while, we get to write something positive about e-cigs, and today is one of those rare days. V2 Cigs, one of the most popular electronic cigarette companies in the US has recently held a world record attempt for the most people using e-cigs in one place, and managed to give vaporizers some much-needed positive exposure.


“It was exciting to spread the word about electronic cigarettes by engaging consumers in a fun and motivating way,” said Dan Recio, COO of V2 Cigs. “Our hope is that individuals will find smoking V2 Cigs to be a similar experience to smoking real cigarettes, but without many of the dangerous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.” The 518 people who heeded the call of V2 Cigs hoped they’d be making history and help set anew world record, but Guinness refused to acknowledge their attempt, arguing that “though we understand that electronic cigarettes contain fewer harmful ingredients than traditional cigarettes, we are not able to sanction records that encourage participants smoking in any way.” It’s unfortunate they made this decision, but one can understand their reluctance to associate their name with such a controversial product. Hopefully, in time, people will understand and accept electronic cigarettes as efficient smoking alternatives.

We hope to see more such events very soon, as V2 Cigs’ record attempt showed companies can improve the image of electronic cigarettes without resorting to all kinds of false claims.

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