Uncovered Myths of E-Cigarettes – Part 2

E-cigarettes will always be, regardless of the upcoming bad or good regulations and legal frameworks, a hot topic. But, the only fact that should be valid, throughout all the foggy information out there is… they really help ex-smokers to forget about the old smoking habit. This fact will always remain in the eye of the world and should stay as background for any anti-e-cig person.

Considering all of the above, I will try to uncover some false myths that tend to give e-cigs the wrong image.

The second myth is about the fact that e-cigs are more addictive than old fashioned cigarettes.

This myth was, again, brought to our attention by the FDA, which stated that the traces of nicotine found in the sampled cartridges in combination with the inhalation method may cause an even stronger addiction then the old cigarettes.

Fumador Uncovered Myths of E Cigarettes – Part 2

 First of all, if we search the web, we will find many independent tests and studies than bring forward, as one voice, the information that electronic cigarettes vapors do not deliver, by far, the same amount of nicotine and is much lower than the amount provided by tobacco smoke.

Second of all, the delivery system of the e-cig gives it’s user the feeling of saturation in a more abrupt manner. Take for comparison, that old pack of cigars, that once bought, kept giving you the feeling that until you haven’t smoked all of it, you couldn’t have gone to sleep or finish your work, and the e-cigs self-regulatory intake manner that gives complete control to the user and creates the image of satisfaction.

In conclusion, this myth is by far a false one.

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  • Theresa says:

    Hi De-Vape

    What should be also explained is what does the E-Cigarette contain other than the Nicotine..

    What also needs to be explained is the stop smoking products that are on the market also have nicotine in them..

    So to a person who says that E-Cigs are addictive.. No more addictive than the other stop smoking products..

    Thank you listening.

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