Uncovered Myths of E-Cigarettes – Part 1

E-cigarettes will always be, regardless of the upcoming bad or good regulations and legal frameworks, a hot topic. But, the only fact that should be valid, throughout all the foggy information out there is… they really help ex-smokers to forget about the old smoking habit. This fact will always remain in the eye of the world and should stay as background for any anti-e-cig person.

Considering all of the above, I will try to uncover some false myths that tend to give e-cigs the wrong image.

The first myth is about the fact that e-cigarettes are as deadly and contain the same carcinogenic substances as normal cigarettes.

This myth was brought to attention by the FDA, which stated that they have found trace amount of carcinogens in the nicotine cartridges. This statement was then picked up by the media and all hell broke loose.

 Health pictogram Uncovered Myths of E Cigarettes – Part 1

First of all, the FDA, in their study,  found trace amounts of “tobacco‐specific nitrosamines”, which can cause cancer under certain conditions and in sufficient amounts. From here on, everything went viral and some of the media forgot to state the fact that FDA allows certain levels of nitrosamines in consumable products such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum.

Another thing kept in the dark but worth mentioning is that the phrase “trace amounts” refers to traces that are too small to accurately measure.

The last thing I want to add, is the fact that it has been a long period of time since e-cigs took off to the market with quite some prolific results I might add, and we still lack a clear and substantiated study to indicate the possible danger they might inflict.

In consequence, this myth has been redeemed as false.

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