Three Ways to Customize Your Electronic Cigarette

If you’re already using electronic cigarettes, you probably already know they’re way more customizable than analogs. The fact that you can make your own e-liquid, and change the cartomizer in a flash can make e-cigs more fun to use, but if you really want to give your personal vaporizer a total makeover, here are three ways you can make it fit your personality:

E-Cigarette Skins

e cig skins Three Ways to Customize Your Electronic CigaretteSkins are probably the cheapest way to personalize your electronic cigarette. They’re easy to use and come in a variety of colors and patterns that make your e-cig stand out from all those white sticks everyone else is using. There e-cigarette brands out there that offer a selection of skins to choose from, but there are also independent companies that specialize in skins, and they have a much richer offer. What’s great about these cool accessories is they’re so inexpensive that you can buy a bunch of them and just pick whichever suits your mood on any given day. The possibilities are endless.


Depending on what model you go for, there are different ways of applying skins to your e-cigarette. For example, Vapor Jackets, one of the most popular skin companies on the market, sells wrappers that slide around your e-cig and stick into place through applied heat. You can use a hair dryer or even an old fashion cigarette lighter (ironic, huh?) to heat the vapor jacket and it will start to shrink and wrap tightly around the electronic cigarette. Other, more conventional skins have to be cut to the dimension of your e-cigarette and work like common stickers. These tend to peel off after a while, but they’re also usually cheaper.

Whatever type you decide on, you’ll turn your vaporizer into an interesting fashion accessory that’s bound to catch everyone’s eye.

Designer Batteries

Until a short while ago, most e-cigarette brands sold only white batteries. Nowadays, most of them offer a variety of colors, although ex-smokers looking for something as close to designer batteries 300x194 Three Ways to Customize Your Electronic Cigarettesmoking as possible still prefer the classic white. There are lots of colors to choose from when it comes to batteries, and some brands have even introduced rubberized batteries, a sign that customization is a big part of their marketing strategy. But some companies, like the popular Green Smoke, have already taken the next step – designer batteries. Most companies offer a range of abstract patterns or popular logos, but there are a few that will imprint whatever design you want on your custom battery.

Although slightly more expensive than generic e-cigarette batteries, the designer choice will make you stand out from the crowd. They have high quality finish and they will not fade or scratch as easy as skins.

Bedazzle Glass Tanks

This last customization option on our list is directed at advanced vapers who are familiar with tank e-cigarette mods. “Bedazzle”, a Bedazzle glass tanks 300x240 Three Ways to Customize Your Electronic Cigaretteveteran member on ECF, the world’s largest vaping forum, makes these incredibly beautiful borosilicate glass tanks that will not only transform your vaporizer into a work of art, but also prevent any cracking, from any types of juices. She uses a technique called electroforming – a metal forming process using conductive copper paint to form a metal skin on the glass tanks. Each tank is cut, and polished by hand on a lapidary machine, and although you may notice tiny imperfections on each tank, that is just a normal result of handmade work.

Bedazzle glass tanks come in any size/style to fit any mod on the market right now,m and the design options are simply mind-blowing. With a 10-year experience working as a glass artist, Bedazzle can create whatever design you like. Prices range from $17 to $19.


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  • tara jojola says:
    5 stars

    OMG!!! I just happened upon these tanks, I can’t wait to order a couple of them. So far, I am in love with #10 and #13. What a beautiful product you are creating!!

  • Carol Shrader says:

    Where do you buy these beautiful tanks? Also Is it just a glass to cover a tank or is it complete? What type of coils does it use?

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