SafeCig Announces New Disposable E-Cigarette Brands

seminole logo SafeCig Announces New Disposable E Cigarette BrandsLos Angeles-based electronic cigarette company SafeCig recently announced it has partnered up with the Seminole Tribe of Florida Inc. to produce to new disposable e-cigarette lines: The Seminole Unconquered and the SafeCig Aurora.

In an interview with E-Cig Advanced’s Matt Olmstead (Fazed), Joshua Krane of SafeCig talked about the company’s new partnership with the Seminole Tribe, and about the new lines of disposable e-cigs. He talked about the history of the Native American tribe and how the fact that they are the only nation on the US soil that has never been conquered inspired the name Seminole Unconquered, but also about how the Seminoles were one of the Native American tribes that introduced tobacco to the Western world and how this is a 21st century way to “take that back”. But, obviously there is a more lucrative motive for both parties involved. As you probably know, the Seminole Tribe of Florida owns a series of smoke shops and Hard Rock Cafes and Casinos, a yet untapped electronic cigarette market. It was this network of venues and the Seminoles’ ability to move e-cigarettes in places not usually associated with vaping that made this partnership interesting.

The launch of the Seminole Unconquered and SafeCig Aurora disposables was timed to coincide with the midyear conference of the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), which is being staged now, September 18 and 19, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino,Hollywood. They hope that as the trend moves towards smoke-free or less-smoke environments, these new easy-to-use electronic cigarettes will keep people in these entertainment venues, and save them the effort of having to step outside to light up.

The Seminole Unconquered disposable e-cigarette comes in five different tobacco flavors (Classic, Menthol, Traditional, Columbian and Trinidad). Each brightly-colored pack contains 3 e-cigs, which are said to be the equivalent of a pack of analogs. The Seminole-themed line also includes e-cigars, which are available in three flavors (Chairman™, President™ and Representative™). One Seminole Unconquered e-cigar is said to be the equivalent of 10 traditional cigars, offering around 1,000 puffs.

Along with the line created in partnership with the famous Native American tribe, SafeCig is also debuting its very first disposable electronic cigarette, the Aurora. Asked what sets this new product apart from the competition, Joshua Krane said the new e-cig will appeal to former smokers looking for something very similar to analogs. In terms of look and feel, the Aurora is SafeCig’s smallest and lightest device yet. According to the company’s spokesman, “it is just about the weight and size of an actual cigarette”, and also softer to the touch, unlike regular rechargeable electronic cigarettes. In terms of performance, the Aurora has apparently been designed to produce “a tremendous amount of vapor” compared to SafeCig’s rechargeable battery version. “We believe we have created the ultimate smoking simulation”, Krane said.

Asked how SafeCig calculates the number of puffs that equates to a certain number of tobacco cigarettes, the company’s spokesperson said they have designed a puff machine that takes about 3-second-long puffs out of analog cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

The SafeCig Aurora disposable e-cigarettes will be sold as singles and packs of three. They will come in both classic SafeCig flavors, as well totally new ones. The price of the single packs has not yet been set, but the three pack will retail at $29.99, with a discounted launch price of $24.99.

If you’ve read our review of the SafeCig, you probably know they already make one of the most realistic-looking electronic cigarettes on the market, so it’s going to be interesting to see what they’ve really added to made these disposables even more appealing to smokers looking for a lifestyle change. Hopefully we can get out hands on the Aurora soon and offer you a detailed review on how it really performs.

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  • admed says:

    Excellent, i wish i can see it sold in my country.
    We need the product for the enviroment and for the health of others.

  • Yashwant says:

    There are varying nitcoine strengths available. I know of a person who switched to e-cigs because it has the look and feel of a real cigarette, then gradually downgraded their nitcoine level until they were at ZERO nitcoine level (just flavoring). So yes, they do have a zero ziltch nada nitcoine with just the PG and flavoring. It’s EXCELLENT. I was a pack a day smoker since I was 19 (26 now) and I’ve been off cigarettes since 12/23/10

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