Royal College of Physicians Professor Makes Positive Comments on E-Cigarettes

These are tough times for electronic cigarettes. More and more US states are voting to have electronic cigarettes banned in public places, and the FDA is threatening to regulate them as tobacco products, although there isn’t any tobacco in them. Anyway, the point is it’s good to hear something positive being said about e-cigarettes, especially when it comes from a reputed source like Britain’s Royal College of Physicians.

Following a decision of one of the UK’s largest companies to ban its employees from using e-cigarettes at their desks during work hours, Professor John Britton, chairman of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group said that electronic cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives. Deadline News quoted him as saying: “The likelihood is that smoking electronic cigarettes is better than smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have the potential to save lives. The concept of nicotine replacement is powerful and good.” It’s statements like these that can really make a difference in the way personal vaporizers are perceived nowadays. Unfortunately, they don’t come very often, or at least not as often as reports and speculation about the potential harmful effects of e-cigarettes.

Like the Ashtray Blog points out, the negative views on e-cigs may have something to do with the variety of low-quality products usually found in small stores and gas stations. They don’t comply with current regulations, and something tells me they don’t test their e-liquid as thoroughly as they should. This really does harm the general image of vaping, and most importantly, puts people lives in danger. Premium e-cigarettes  may seem a little expensive, but you really get your money’s worth, and in the long run, you’ll be actually saving a lot.

Let’s hope people with the power to decided the fate of electronic cigarettes hear the positive things Professor Britton had to say about them…

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  • CFX says:

    In my opinion as a moderate to heavy smoker starting the nasty habbit at roughly ten years ago when I was 18, really wish the E cigarette was readily available at the time. I have recently purchased mine for a hefty 160 but only after 3 days am starting to feel the positive benefits of owning one. Many reports of slander are trying to rule out this product as a gateway for another bad habbit, however if there are more benefits associated with this device including bettering someones health , saving their life or prolonging it, helping environmental concerns , and last but not least being able to smell , tast and feel better about ones self, then why all the rude and negative propaganda instead of a healthy embrace?

    • Angie says:

      your not gettting the tar or the tocbaco but you are getting something new in return. its the stuff they use in anti freeze and brake fluid. so enjoy the new dangers they have just thrown on top of the pile.

      • RJ Rynolds RIP says:

        Angie, they are not ” new dangers they have just thrown on top of the pile.” Unless you are going to smoke tobacco and use an ecig together then your statement might make a little sense.Don’t you think that if there was something as harmful as cigarettes are KNOWN to be in an Ecig the big tobacco companies with their teams of scientist would have found it by now and be running all over making sure it was known? I support your right to kill yourself any way you feel is best but i am going to go with the one that has NOT been proven to be harmful over the one that HAS been proven to be harmful.As for your comment on anti-freeze and brake fluid, There is also water/H2O in those so by your reasoning water is harmful as well?

  • Jenna says:

    I am an e-cigarette user. I really think that people should start to educate themselves about the different brands and qualities of products out there. You can certainly run to a local vendor and spend $20 USD on a kit but you won’t get the quality you would from a $100 kit bought online. Also, you can contact the company or look on their website to get the ingredients and research them to find out if it is really a safer alternative for YOU. It’s YOUR body and YOU make the choices. Don’t let the big guys bully you into the corner anymore. That’s just my opinion on the matter.

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