Reynolds American Tobacco Developing Its Own Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Reynolds American 300x231 Reynolds American Tobacco Developing Its Own Disposable Electronic CigaretteReynolds American Inc., one of the three biggest tobacco companies in the United States, has recently unveiled its very own e-cigarette. It’s called the “Vuse” and it’s a disposable, but there’s very little other info available right now.

If you weren’t convinced Big Tobacco was interested in the increasingly lucrative electronic cigarette business, this piece of news will put all your doubts to rest. It all started in April, when tobacco giant Lorillard acquired Blu Cigs, the leading e-cig supplier in America. There had been discussions about Big Tobacco’s interest in this innovative technology that had everyone rattled, but it was this $135 million deal that made it official. Then, in June, Philip Morris announced it was working on a vaporizer which sounded a lot like the Ploom Pax we featured a few months ago. Reynolds American Inc. was the only one of the Big Three that hadn’t made any real announcement concerning its involvement in the e-cigarette industry, but that all ended last month, when Daniel Delen, the company’s chief executive and president, announced R.J. Reynolds will make its presence felt in three new categories, including nicotine replacement therapy, nicotine extract products and e-cigarettes.

“In line with our long-term strategy to transform the tobacco industry and reduce the harm caused by smoking, our companies have been hard at work on developing a pipeline of new smokeless and other product innovation, Delen told the Winston-Salem Journal. “We believe there is significant growth potential in these new product formats, and we believe that our expertise and proprietary technology will give us a competitive edge.” Citing competitive reasons, the Reynolds American CEO didn’t want to give away too many details about the company’s new products, but he made it clear they want a piece of the electronic cigarette industry. Speaking about the niche, Delen said “what we see is very high levels of trial and relatively low levels of conversion.” Apparently, this tells the company there are yet no adequate e-cigarettes on the market, so that’s where a lot of their efforts are focused right now.

The new Reynolds electronic cigarette is called Vuse, and according to a PowerPoint presentation, it’s a “single, ready-to-go digital vapor cigarette with no charging or assembly Vuse e cigarette 300x191 Reynolds American Tobacco Developing Its Own Disposable Electronic Cigaretterequired.” I’d say that pretty much defines a disposable e-cigarette. Although it hasn’t been officially launched yet, Pat Shehan, owner of a tobacco retail chain says Vuse can be found at his stores, but he’s been asked not to put them on display. Still, he can sell the e-cigs if customers specifically ask for them. So if you’re curious, you can try at your local tobacco shop.

R.J. Reynolds is apparently working on new styles of heated cigarettes like the Eclipse, which the company originally launched in 1996. They contain a carbon tip which, when lit, heats the tobacco, producing vapor. Very little tobacco is burned in the process and the company says they produce no ashes. But, according to the American Cancer Society, heated cigarettes should not be considered safe, as they still contain a high level of carcinogens.

Time will tell if Vuse e-cigarettes will become a major player in the industry, but one thing is for sure, Big Tobacco will definitely become more involved in the game.

Vuse photo credit: DAVID ROLFE/Journal

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  • rj says:

    They are now sold in 7 11’s in denver. They taste awful and do not last as long as the box claims.

    • eciguser says:
      1 stars

      it does not last long and tastes metal – another rip off none of them last as long as a pack of cigarettes or even close -and the fluid is expensive come on e-cig companies give your consumers a break before you go for the gold

    • gerald lubbers says:

      your right, these thing suck. just another way to keep us hooked. I did buy an e-cig on e-bay for 6.00 and love it. I have to fill it every day but I get to control the amount of nicotine and a bottle of juice is 7.00 and lasted me 5 days.

  • Gail Ellis says:
    4 stars

    This sounds good. Wonder if they will be sold in Germany/Europe? I am currently working I Germany and like the U.S., you can hardly find a place to have a smoke other than at home. Can I get samples?

  • Linda Martin says:

    I originally bought the single cigarette and was OK so bought the kit with the wall outlet charger and more cartridges. Neither of the holders charge after just over a week. Now I am stuck with over $60 invested and no electric cigs. Pretty poor.

  • wayne says:

    Got 2 of them neither one of the batteries will hold a charge when you plug it in it flashes red twice then back to white indicating that it is charged

  • Candy says:

    I buy my electronic e-cig from another company. I can recharge my batteries up to 8 months, I get to choose my nicotine strength and they are refillable. Hope this company gets does something on this order. Plus mine are made in the USA..

  • dana goodson says:

    I like it

  • Terry Bullard says:

    I live in charlotte NC cant find them anywere

  • carol says:

    im currently using blue electronic pack and im hoping the vuse will last longer then the blu its too much money for what it is i purchased one and after a day it wouldnt charge call the company to complain they said they will send a new one only sent an empty charger pack and that didnt work so now waiting for my third pack to come cause all my batteries are completely dead and i only had them for 2 weeks so hoping this product is worth my money and last long

  • lauren says:

    last a day for me…. just like the blu…

  • Richard Edwards says:
    1 stars

    Mine wad broken in a week. Must be poor workmanship

  • Nanna Poole says:

    just purchased the vuse e_cig. It doesnt taste bad to me and the usb charger came with it. I already have an adapter from a phone so I can use it.
    As for how long it lasts, well, only time will tell.
    I am worth the investment to try to stop letting SMOKE into my lungs.

  • David Revell says:
    3 stars

    I have tried EVERY e-cig brand on the shelf’s, and the taste of this one is by far the best. Only problem I have is their inconsistency. Some last a long time, some don’t. Also, I bought two new refill cartridges yesterday, and neither of them worked. Get that little “bug” worked out, and it will be the BEST on the market

  • david and sandra says:

    pretty bad my wife and I received coupons for these, and cant find them ant where in Columbus Ga

  • kathy says:

    sick of buying and not working stores wont replace and today ibought two and someone had openened and usesed one stores wont take back or replace and you want social secerity number to make complaint not legal

  • kathy says:

    so what are you going to do about it

  • kathy says:

    ive been smoke free for 2 years and am about to go back to metros which I started with

  • Rebekah says:
    1 stars

    I can’t even find a place that sells them, I have a coupon that expires in a month and can find anywhere to use them very dissatisfied.

  • Harry Crawford says:
    3 stars

    I bought the single cigarette and a pack of the refill cartridges. The first cigarette provided approximately 12 uses before replacement. Cartridges didn’t last as long with only 9 uses. Certainly not as advertised.

  • Jean says:

    Bought 2 so I could have one charging and use the other. The cartridges don’t even last a day and they say it is like 2 packs. More like 8 cigs…. Charged the second one today and when I got home and put a new cartridge in it is is blinking red and white like cartridge is low and no battery!!! NOT HAPPY! What a waste@

  • Andy says:
    3 stars

    ok when i cant smoke at work. they taste like a camel after you break the menthol ball in filter. not the greatest thing but it works. got a coupon for mine glad i didnt spend more than 1.09 on it. Make them taste more like a cigarette and less like im chewing on the ball from the camel filter and it will be a 4-5 star rating.

  • Therese W says:

    Seems handy, but they need to make a light flavor. The full flavor was too strong.

  • Krickeey says:

    THE VUSE IS AWESOME!! It’s the TRUE E-CIG!! No tobacco, no fire,no ashes, never gets hot, no smell AT ALL WHICH IS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT I DRAG OFF IT IN buildings and no one notices! Yes, I’m a Business woman who cannot smell so I have solved 2 issues. I don’t wanna taste cherries,strawberries ,or any flavor, just my NP lights 100’s & VUSE HAS DONE THAT FOR ME.AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES SMOKING E-Cigs is to replace menthol or non-menthol not strawberries or favors? Get gum if that’s what you want! This is the GENERATION X ANSWER TO LIVING LONGER & STILL TAKING A NICE LONG DRAG!!!

  • bob butta says:

    camel cigarette company waltzed into a bar I work, and gave to me a Vuse digital cigarette….first time for me….the taste is acceptable….not bad at all…I actually do feel asif Im smoking…so far ive been awake for 4 hours, and ive smoke only 4 cigaratees,…Im aheavy smoker, and by now I would have been more than half a pack….I believe this vuse may help me smoke less..I hope I dodnt experience what Linda Martin went thru…she needs to be reimbursed and apologized to…(wow, does that ever happen?)…

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