SmokeTip E-Cigarette Review


Price: $59.95

Flavors: 19
Nicotine Levels: 4  
Cartomizer Price (10 Pack): $19.95
Warranty: Lifetime  
Free Shipping: Yes
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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The first time I visited the SmokeTip website I was blown away by its simplicity, compared to the pages of other more popular electronic cigarettes suppliers. I soon learned they don’t need any flashy webdesign to attract customers, as they do that very well with their quality products and irreproachable customer service. Read our SmokeTip review to find out exactly what makes them so special.

Product Presentation

Most e-cigarette brands have a variety of starter kits for customers to choose from, depending on their budget, but SmokeTip has decided to offer its clients just a standard package and the opportunity to buy other accessories separately. Priced at $59.95, the SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Kit includes:

    • 2 Lithium
    • 1 USB charger
    • 1 Wall adapter
    • 5 Cartomizers

SmokeTip4 291x300 SmokeTip E Cigarette ReviewIt’s definitely not the most complete e-cigarette kit I’ve ever reviewed, but considering the very competitive price I will say it has everything you need to start vaping. Plus you can get very handy accessories like a car charger, portable charging case (PCC) or passthrough from their website’s “Accessories” sections. The prices are some of the lowest in the industry and you can have them included with your order of the standard kit.

As far as packaging goes, SmokeTip keeps it fairly simple, opting for a quality black gift box which can be used as a stylish case for your e-cig. The components and chargers are all placed in their very own slots, in a spongy holder that will keep them from being damaged if dropped or handled roughly by the delivery service. It also comes with a nice, simple instruction manual shaped as a card, which makes it easier for a total vaping newbie to learn all the basics very quickly. I have to say I personally like the minimalist style of the SmokeTip starter kit for its user-friendliness and the nice quality gift box.

The batteries sold by SmokeTip are just 2.5 inches long and 9 mm in diameter, making this e-cigarette one of the shortest on the market. They also come in white with the faux rings pattern, just like  analog cigarettes, for people who like the classic look, or are simply looking for a device that doesn’t scream e-cigarette. The cartomizers are a dark orange, and the grey led tip lights up a bright orange-red, which makes it clear SmokeTip has gone to great lengths to create a product ex-smokers would appreciate.

Battery Life

SmokeTip batteries are some of the shortest I’ve ever tested, but they pack quite a punch for so small a package. Rated at just 180 mAh, these “shorties” will keep any heavy vaper busy for around 3-4 hours, which is pretty darn impressive. Many of the people I’ve asked about SmokeTip, before testing it myself, had nothing but praises about the battery, and I have to say they do tend to have more life in them than identical models sold by other brands. 180 mAh usually translates as a lot of charging and very little  vaping, but that’s not a valid statement when it comes to these little batteries.

SmokeTip3 SmokeTip E Cigarette ReviewAlthough their standard e-cig looks almost identical to a tobacco cig, SmokeTip does offer a longer, heavier battery, for vapers who want to abuse their devices for longer periods of time. The 350 mAh battery has roughly double the life of a standard battery, but it won’t fit in a standard carry case. It’s definitely an option to consider for longer travels when USB ports and power outlets aren’t available and you don’t have a PCC.

SmokeTip batteries are some of the most impressive I’ve ever used, and clearly prove that size doesn’t always matter in the world of vaping. Although they only come with an automatic trigger, meaning they are activated by drag, they performed flawlessly during testing.

Vapor Volume

SmokeTip claims the electronic cigarettes are their own, but I’ve noticed they are almost identical to the generic KR808D-1, one of the most popular slim e-cigarette models in the industry. They are known for the crazy plumes of vapor they are able to produce, and SmokeTip’s product is no exception. The voltage of this e-cig may not be very high, but it does a fine job of powering the atomizer to produce impressive vapor puffs, with very easy draws. We have tested a number of KR808D-1 models, mostly powered by larger, 78 mm batteries, but I can honestly say the SmokeTip shorties can hold their own against top competitors like the Smokeless Image Volt or the Halo G6.

The new generation cartomizers also play an important role in the impressive vapor production of the SmokeTip. Their revolutionary “Eazy Drag System” is more than just a smart marketing scheme, it really sends the vapor straight to the back of your throat with the gentlest draw, just like a real tobacco cigarette. It also delivers an impressive throat hit that will probably take your mind of analog cigs for good.

There are quite a few vaping devices out there that produce more vapor that the SmokeTip, but you will have a tough time finding an e-cigarette the same size that could rival this amazing product. You’ll more than likely experiment with a number of e-cigs over the years, but the SmokeTip is probably the best one to use to kick the old smoking habit and take your first steps into the world of vapor.


SmokeTip2 SmokeTip E Cigarette ReviewYou’ll soon find that flavor is the most subjective thing about vaping. You may think a certain juice tastes just like the analogs you used to smoke, but you’ll surely find someone else out there who’ll tell you it tastes more like dirty feet. Basically what I’m saying is you should take others’ observations with a grain of salt and preferably try the flavors yourself. As far as I’m concerned, the variety pack we got with our standard SmokeTip kit had some pretty strong flavors, particularly the Cowboy tobacco and the chocolate, but I found the Regular had the best taste.

I prefer tobacco flavors, but if you like to experiment with different exotic flavors, you’ll be impressed with SmokeTip’s inventory, which contains all kinds of sweet and fruity tastes, from apple and banana to chocolate and cinnamon. You’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy vaping, provided you’re patient enough not to quit the first time you draw on an e-cigarette and realize it doesn’t taste exactly like an analog.

The new SmokeTip cartomizers are easily refilled, so if you find their flavors aren’t to your liking, you can always use your own e-juice, or simply purchase other compatible cartomizers.

Price vs Value

The SmokeTip isn’t the cheapest e-cigarette available, although it’s certainly one of the most affordable, but it comes with some really nice incentives. First of all, the quality and performance of these short-size devices are nothing short of impressive, even when compared with larger, more powerful models. They are easy to use, and although the kit doesn’t contain every possible accessory, it has everything you need to get you vaping and forget all about smoking, in no time.


But apart from the product itself, SmokeTip also offers a lifetime warranty, which is pretty rare in this business. Unlike diamonds, e-cigarettes are not forever, they break, they malfunction, so it’s nice to know someone will replace them whenever you need. And trust me when I say this company’s customer service is beyond reproach; just ask around, check forum posts and you’ll find loads of satisfied clients that swear by SmokeTip and their ability to handle any issues. Oh, and I almost forgot – they also have free shipping on every order. You have to agree, it’s a pretty cool offer.


  • short but very impressive batteries
  • impressive vapor production
  • satisfying throat hit
  • the look of an analog cigarette
  • rich inventory of flavors
  • new generation cartomizers
  • great customer service
  • competitive price
  • lifetime warranty


  • no manual battery option
  • only one starter kit

SmokeTip 10% Discount

Get a 10% Discount on all SmokeTip products. Just click on the code below and you’ll be taken directly to the company site. The discount code will be automatically saved to your clipboard so all you have to do is paste in the discount field, at checkout

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Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Battery Life
5 stars
Vapor Volume
5 stars
4 stars
4 stars
OVERALL (not an average of the above)
4 stars

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  • Jan says:

    My ecig arrived today and I haven’t even been ttepmed to smoke a real cigarette. Tomorrow I will buy a 10 pack of cigarettes and keep them in my pocket but only smoke my ecig. If I do not smoke any real cigarettes it will be a miracle I usually went insane and started arguing with people for tiny things.I wasn’t expecting the my ecig to stop my cravings completely. I thought I was addicted to more than just the nicotine and the ecig has satisfied all my cravings.Wow just wow

  • kathy says:

    awful customer service!bougth from them 18 months switched to smokeless image so far so good

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