Smokeless Image Volt Review


Price: $29.95 - $94.99

Flavors: 15
Nicotine Levels: 5  
Cartomizer Price (5 Pack): $8.95
Warranty: 90 days  
Free Shipping: Yes ($55+)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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Smokeless Image has only been around for a couple of years, and although it doesn’t yet have the marketing strength of giants like Blu Cigs or Green Smoke, it has managed to build quite a reputation thanks to excellent products, great customer service and unbeatable prices. Read our Smokeless Image Volt review to find out just what makes their particular e-cigarettes so special.

Product Presentation

Smokeless Image Volt2 Smokeless Image Volt ReviewSince Smokeless Image probably has the lowest prices for this kind of KR808D-1 e-cigarettes, we decided to go all out and spend $94.99 on their Volt – Premium Starter Kit for our review. It’s the ultimate package, and includes (almost) every accessory anyone needs to start vaping. The package itself wasn’t the most impressive I’d ever seen – just a big plain box with the “Volt” logo, but everything was packed neatly and safely, so I had nothing to complain about.

As I said, the Volt – Premium Starter Kit is the highest rated product from Smokeless Image, and includes:

    • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 USB Wall Adapter
    • 1 USB Passthrough
    • 1 Portable Charging Case (PCC)
    • 10 Pre-filled cartomizers

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a “passthrough” it’s a device that allows you to connect an electronic cigarette to a computer or other power source via USB, so you can vape without worrying about battery life. I love the fact that they include 10 cartomizers (with the flavors and strength of your choice) when almost all other brands give you just 5, but I was a little bummed they didn’t also throw a useful car charger. But you can buy that separately from the website’s accessories section.

The cool-looking portable charging case, better known as a PCC, will recharge your batteries on the go, so you can keep vaping even when there are no USB ports or wall outlets in sight. It’s got the exact same design as the Bloog Maxx Fusion, with only one difference – the brand logo. I have to say I’m a fan of the sliding lid, but when it comes to practicality, I prefer the old-fashioned design, like the ones used by Blue Cigs and Apollo. You can fit two batteries and two cartomizers in those, while the Volt’s PCC only has room for only one battery and two cartomizers. Two cartos will probably get you though the day, but more would have been better. Still, it looks very cool and stores enough power for around 4 full battery recharges.

The e-cigarettes are KR808D-1, one of the appreciated slim e-cigs ever made, and comes with two different size batteries to choose from: 65mm and 78mm. The longer version will, of course, provide more power, while the shorter one looks almost like an analog cigarette, so you don’t have to worry about drawing attention when vaping. Both have a nice rubbery finish, the Volt logo, and come in a variety of colors. Smokeless Image e-cigarettes have either automatic switches, meaning they are activated by drag, or manual switches, for those who want to prime the e-cigs with the touch of a button, for maximum vapor intake. But a lot of experienced users claim the Volt performs just as well without any puffs for priming, and I’d have to agree.

Battery Life

Smokeless Image Volt3 Smokeless Image Volt ReviewLike many other e-cigarette brands in the business, Smokeless Image claim they have a new technology that makes Volt batteries superior to anything the competition has to offer. In reality, a lot of vaping veterans and e-cigarette enthusiast claim they are identical to Bloog’s Maxx Fusion series, only they’re a lot cheaper. I’m inclined to think the same thing, but that’s a good thing, because they are both really impressive devices, and a lower price is always a plus.

The Volt’s battery is truly an impressive piece of technology. Under normal to heavy vaping it lasts around 3 hours, which is very good, considering we are talking about a mini e-cigarette. This was during testing, so social smokers who do have other things to do than vape constantly will probably get a lot more out of their devices.

Considering the 78mm KR808D-1 Smokeless Image e-cigarette batteries are regulated at 3.6 volts, we couldn’t have hoped for better than 3 hours of heavy vaping. One would expect more from an e-cigarette rated at 320 mAh, but taking into account the constant voltage, it performs brilliantly.

Vapor Volume

There are e-cigarettes that look really cool and have a good battery life but don’t produce as much vapor as you’d like, and there are those that deliver white clouds that don’t taste very good. The Smokeless Image Volt e-cigarette, on the other hand, gets you the best of both worlds – a slick look, fantastic battery life and ridiculous vapor plumes with a strong flavor.

So what makes the Vold deliver so much vapor goodness? Well, as far as I could tell, it’s a combination of battery and cartomizers. As previously stated, the KR808D-1 battery is regulated at 3.6 volts, and I can personally say the voltage stays constant from the time you take it off the charger, right until the moment you have to hook it up again. Other e-cigs tend to lose power as their batteries deplete, and you end up with little to no vapor regardless of how hard you draw, but you won’t have that kind of problem with the Smokeless Image Volt.

These batteries also have a higher mAh rating than other similar devices, operating at between 220 mAh to 320 mAh, depending on the model. This is translated as the time it takes to drain a battery by using a known load. The higher rating allows you to vape at a constant medium voltage, without worrying too much about battery life.

The cut-out time of an e-cigarette is the point where a battery stops powering the atomizer and ceases vapor production. Some e-cigs have a 5 second cut-out time, but I find that a little short, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Smokeless Image Volt had a cut-out time of 7 seconds, making it possible to enjoy nice, long draws.

Smokeless Image not only supplies splendid batteries, it also has some very high quality cartomizers. And I say that having literally smoked through dozens of cartos, because their inner fillings couldn’t handle the voltage and ended up burning. Luckily, with Volt’s new generation cartomizers that simply doesn’t happen. They have a silica tube pressed fit over the battery coil, and since silica doesn’t burn…well, no more burned cartomizers. This way, at 3.6 volts you get a lot of vapor without the risk of inhaling unwanted smoke and ruining perfetly good cartos.


Smokeless Image Volt4 Smokeless Image Volt ReviewWhen it comes to flavors, I always say it’s a matter of personal taste, but I do applaud the fact that Smokeless Image thought about us poor ex-smokers and came up with a wide range of tobacco flavors, from the popular 555 to the sweeter RY4, a caramel infused tobacco mix. They also have three different menthol flavors, as well as cappuccino, chocolate, cherry and grape. I’m a big fun of the 555 and the Cowboy tobaccos, but you can get one of their sampler cartomizer packs to see which one you fancy best.

Another great thing about Smokeless Image is they also sell blank Volt cartomizers for you to fill with the e-liquid of your choice. You can vape them at up to 5 volts, so as long as you have an adapter, you can connect them to all kinds of e-cigarette batteries. They are high quality so you can refill and reuse them multiple times instead of buying new ones.

Price vs. Value

One of the things that makes the Smoking Image Volt so popular with both seasoned and beginner vapers is the unbeatable price. You’ll have a tough time finding an e-cigarette supplier with a better offer for the KR808D-1 model Smoking Image is selling. Their basic starter kit retails at $29.99 and even though it includes just one battery, it’s worth it just to experience the Volt.

This e-cigarette may not have the best presentation on the market but its superior battery life, vapor volume and cartomizer quality make it one of the best mini e-cigarettes money can buy.


  • excellent batteries
  • new generation cartomizers that don’t burn
  • satisfying vapor production
  • great throat hit
  • unbeatable price
  • spectacular customer service


  • 3-month warranty

Smokeless Image 10% Discount

Get a 10% Discount on all Smokeless Image products. Just click on the code below and you’ll be taken directly to the company site. The discount code will be automatically saved to your clipboard so all you have to do is paste it in the “PROMO & GIFT CERTIFICATE CODES” field at checkout

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Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Battery Life
5 stars
Vapor Volume
5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
OVERALL (not an average of the above)
5 stars

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5 Comments/Reviews

  • john says:

    Ok, I guess everyone already knows the Volt is hands down the best slim electronic cigarette you can get right now, especially for this price, but I really have to applaud their customer service. I’ve ordered a few batteries from them in the last year, and some of them were dead on arrival, but they replaced them, no question asked. Orders always arrive on time, and whatever questions I have, someone is always happy to help out.
    So far I’ve also tried the old three-piece Green Smoke (not bad, but pretty expensive maintenance) and the Blu (awful).

  • Nicole says:

    Volt is equal or superior to all the other cigarette size batteries on the market, with a much lower price tag. I’ve tried both the V2 and the Volt from smokeless image. I found the quality of the products to be similar. However, where smokeless image shines is in their price and ability to upgrade. With the coupon code, it’s about half the price of V2 and their customer service is excellent. You can also buy an X2, which is a bigger battery that will last all day and that you can use as it charges. By the way, don’t be sucked in by V2’s warranty. If you don’t purchase your cartomizers and liquid from them(with limited flavors of questionable quality) then you void your warranty.

  • Dave says:

    WOW! Pack a day camel filters for 23 years – so long analog smokes! The e-cigarette provides roughly ~90% of what I liked about smoking. It makes my mouth a bit dry and the smoke has a bit of a dry flavor too but surprisingly satisfying. I didn’t expect to be so pleased! At less than $100 it’s more than worth a try and I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  • Ken says:

    I was a 2 pack a day smoker for 30 years! I travel quite a bit, and finding a hotel that provides smoking rooms and taking smoke breaks during marathon meetings started was becoming a big hassle, not to mention that being a smoker these days has become “taboo”. I’ve tried a few of the pioneer e-cigs, and found them to leaving me smoking more than usual. After giving up on the e-cig alternative for a few years, I found a smoke shop at a mall, and bought a competitors kit, and while I found it to satisfy my smoking urge, it was very expensive and they did not provide an accessory line and only provided pre-filled carts @ $20 for 5 carts. Are you kidding me? Being new to vaping, I did my research and asked around about who had the best juice, how to refill carts, etc. What a pain! Order juice from them, carts from them, etc. Then…..I found Smokeless Image..by accident. I was just looking for a few extra batteries, so I ordered a few with a pack of 555 carts. The batteries didn’t fit my original carts, and I’m glad they didn’t! The prices and service from Smokeless Image are top notch! I’ve since ordered juice, blanks, Clearomizers, PCC, and all kinds of stuff. Fast shipping, great prices, and top of the line products!

    The best thing….I have NO URGE FOR A CIG FOR 4 MONTHS NOW! I still can’t believe that I’m now an ex-smoker. I’ve had at least 6 friends see how it worked for me, and they too are now ex-smokers. This system really works! Thanks Smokeless Image – VOLT! 5-gold stars!!!!

  • Tahna says:

    I smoked at least 1 1/2 packs a day for 35 years. I bought this electric cigarette as a way to at least cut back on the amount of cigs I smoke per day. SURPRISE! 4 cigs the 1st and 2nd day. After that, the real cigs began to taste so bad, I was able to put them down completely!! WOW, if I only knew it was going to be that easy, I would have quit a long time ago! Thanks Smokeless Image!

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