Halo Cigs G6 Review


Price: $54.99

Flavors: 5
Nicotine Levels: 4  
Cartomizer Price (5 Pack): $9.99
Warranty: 30 days  
Free Shipping: Yes ($75+)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

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Halo Cigs is another of those very good e-cigarette brands that hasn’t yet gained the recognition it deserves. Compared to other popular suppliers like Green Smoke or Blu Cigs, they are virtually non-existent to people looking for the best e-cigarette to help them take that first step into the world of vaping. But quality doesn’t always have to be associated with notoriety, so we decided to take a chance and review the new Halo G6 e-cigarette, to see just how well it performs.

halo g6 Halo Cigs G6 ReviewBest known for the American-made e-juices it produces, Halo Cigs also offers their own branded e-cigarettes. Until a few months ago they only had a 3-piece model, but as it became obvious that 2-piece electronic cigarettes were the future of the casual e-cigarette market, they recently launched their own version – the Halo G6, a new generation KR808D-1 e-cig that like similar models released by Smokeless Image or Bloog, performs wonderfully.

Package Presentation

Unlike the majority of e-cigarette brands, Halo Cigs doesn’t have a variety of starter kits, they only have one that comes with a few must-have accessories. The Halo Cigs Basic Starter Kit consists of:

    • 2 G6 Lithium-ion batteries
    • 1 Wall Charger
    • 1 USB adapter
    • 5 Pre-filled cartomizers
    • 2 Blank cartomizers

If you’re familiar with other e-cigarette starter kits, you’ll notice it’s a pretty basic package, compared to the “Pro” and “Ultimate” kits other brands offer, for considerably more money. This has everything you need to vape, although you may want to fork out an extra $29.99 on a portable charging case (PCC) that will recharge your batteries on the go. The starter kit itself is priced at $54.99.

I don’t know if it was to stand out from the competition or simply because they thought it looked cool, but the guys at Halo Cigs came up with a really original package for their G6 e-cigarette. While most other e-cigs come in boxes, this one is packed in a tin can. It has a sponge holder inside for the batteries and cartomizers, but the chargers and the manual are free to bang on the tin, producing a not-so-nice sound. I’ll give them points for originality and graphic design, but I’m not sure if this was the best option.

The G6 e-cigarette from Halo Cigs is identical to the KR808D-1 e-cigs sold by Smokeless Image (Volt) and Bloog (Maxx Fusion). It has the same slick look reminiscent of analog cigarettes we were all once addicted to, and comes in two sizes and a variety of colors. You can choose between 65 mm and 78 mm batteries (the shorter ones do look more like what you use to torture your longs with, while the 78 mm batteries look more like 100s and will keep you vaping for longer). Halo Cigs also gives you the chance to pick between two automatic or manual batteries, or one of each. Automatic ones are activated by drag, while manual e-cigarette batteries have a button that has to be pressed before puffing. I suggest ordering both types, to see which one you find more comfortable.

The G6 cartomizers are also new generation, and come filled with a variety of flavors, as well as blank, in case you want to fill them with your own favorite e-juice.

Battery Life

halo g6 b Halo Cigs G6 ReviewThe new KR808D-1 e-cigarettes have received some really great reviews from seasoned vapers, and they do indeed outperform pretty much all other slim cigarette models on the market right now. One of the most impressive things about them is their capacity to operate at 3.7 volts for as long as 3 hours under heavy vaping. Now Halo Cigs may claim they last a lot longer, but measuring battery life accurately is very difficult, because it has a lot to do with each individual’s smoking habits. Some people vape occasionally, during breaks and in their free time, others when they go out, while some never seem to put it down. But we tested our 78 mm batteries pretty thoroughly and always got at least three hours out of them.

Other e-cigarette suppliers may brag about their products’ battery life, but I can honestly tell you no other slim-size e-cigarette rated at 3.7 volts lasts more than the Halo G6 e-cigarette. So if you’re looking for a nice mini e-cigarette with an impressive battery life you’ll have a tough time finding something better that this KR808D-1.

Vapor Volume

The amount of vapor an electronic cigarette produces says a lot about its quality, and the Halo G6 is definitely one of the most impressive vapor machine I’ve ever tested. Sure, a lot of people buy e-cigarettes expecting them to produce the same amount of vapor as cigarettes do smoke, and most times they end up disappointed. Well, not if they try the Halo G6, because this little beast of an e-cigarette really produces plumes of vapor comparable to the poisonous smoke of tobacco cigarettes.

Thanks to the new battery operating at 3.7 volts and the new cartomizers that don’t get burned at such high voltage, the Halo G6 e-cigarette really delivers thick white clouds that you can actually blow vapor circles, just like in the good old fays. A few other e-cigarette models do produce similar white clouds, but mainly due to a fault in the design of the cartomizers. Their inner filling would get burned at high voltages, so instead of delicious vapors you wound up with a mix of vapor and smoke filling your mouth and lungs. That’s no longer the case with these new cartomizers, thanks to improved technology and a silica tube that doesn’t burn.

If vapor volume is important to you, the Halo G6 is probably the best e-cigarette you could buy.


halo g6 c Halo Cigs G6 ReviewOne would think this is one of the few things that set apart the Halo G6 e-cigarette from otherwise identical  KR808D-1 e-cigs sold by competitors. Halo Cigs is primarily known as a premium e-juice producers whose tasty products are appreciated by vapers all around the world. Their flavors are made in America, unlike others imported from China, and are considered some of the best on the market. So you could say the G6 has a considerbale advantage over the competition, in this particular area. But that’s actually not the case at all.

Pre-filled G6 cartomizers sold by Halo Cigs come in just a handful of tobacco flavors and two menthol e-juices, which really doesn’t make them the best choice for social smokers who want to try fruity, chocolate or coffee flavors. They do have some very good tobacco flavors, if that’s your thing, and since Halo also sells blank cartomizers that are easily refilled, you can just buy some e-liquid separately and experience with a bunch of flavors. I should warn you that unlike other suppliers, halo Cigs focuses more on tobacco blends, that will most likely please ex-smokers.

Price vs Value

The G6 by Halo Cigs is both cheaper and better than most other slim e-cigarettes available today. It has a nice quality finish, above-average battery life, exemplary vapor production and comes with quality cartomizers filled with American e-juice. I’m a big fan of thesenew generation KR808D-1 and warmly recommend you give them a try before wasting a lot more money on better marketed lower quality products.


  • improved battery life
  • manual and automatic batteries
  • new generation cartomizers that don’t burn
  • American quality e-juice
  • impressive vapor production for its size
  • competitive price


  • 30 day warranty
  • flavor diversity for prefilled cartomizers

Halo Cigs 5% Discount

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Conclusion Rating
4 stars
Battery Life
5 stars
Vapor Volume
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
OVERALL (not an average of the above)
5 stars

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4 Comments/Reviews

  • cata says:
    5 stars

    Vaping takes a bit of getting used to, especially if, like me, you’ve been smoking cigarettes for decades. I quit because my doctor told me my lungs were pretty much fried and I risked some pretty serious complications, but I still crave traditional tobacco. I’ve tried a few e-liquds but Halo is the closest I got to the real thing, so far. Don’t own the G6, but the e-liquid is very good.

  • Jasper says:
    3 stars

    I got the G6 two months ago and I haven’t looked back since. I can’t say it’s exactly like smoking a real cigarette, but it’s enough to keep me away from tobacco.

  • Samuel says:

    Customer service sucks and plays games!!!! Good luck if you need to return something. Takes weeks to get them to honor their return policy then the replacement will be no good also!!!!! Makes me question the the true quality and purity of thier e-liquid as well as the true mg of nicotine in the e-liquid!!! Same e-cig is cheeper on net under name of volt with better customer service

  • Terri says:
    4 stars

    I have been vaping for about a year and tried 3 different brands so far. Halo eliquid is the best I have tried and the G6 is the best battery. I have found some are better than others meaning some last longer all around than others. I recently purchased the Element and haven’t had good luck with one of the batteries holding a charge though the second one seems great. Orders ship fast and customer service hasn’t been a problem but I haven’t returned anything.

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