New Study Shows E-Cigarettes Deliver Sufficient Amounts of Nicotine

e cig user 300x188 New Study Shows E Cigarettes Deliver Sufficient Amounts of NicotineA new study conducted by a team of English scientists shows proof that electronic cigarettes produce enough nicotine to be absorbed, thus disproving an earlier study which claimed e-cigarettes were ineffective.

The research conducted last year and published in early 2012 clearly shows e-cigarettes produce enough nicotine, although slightly less than regular cigarettes. The aim of the study “was to analyze nicotine levels in vapor generated from various electronic cigarette brands and models” and “to assess efficacy and consistency of various ECs in converting nicotine to vapor and to analyze dynamics of nicotine vaporization.” Researchers selected 16 different e-cigarette brands, according to their popularity on the US, UK and Polish markets.

Here is the study as it appears in the Oxford Journals:

Introduction: The electronic cigarette (EC) is a plastic device that imitates conventional cigarettes and was developed to deliver nicotine in a toxin-free vapor. Nicotine in a solution is heated and vaporized when a person puffs through the device and is inhaled as a vapor into the mouth. The EC is a new product on the market and little is known about its safety and nicotine delivery efficacy. The aim of the study was to analyze nicotine levels in vapor generated from various EC brands and models. The study was designed to assess efficacy and consistency of various ECs in converting nicotine to vapor and to analyze dynamics of nicotine vaporization.

Methods: Sixteen ECs were selected based on their popularity in the Polish, U.K. and U.S. markets. Vapors were generated using an automatic smoking machine modified to simulate puffing conditions of real EC users. Nicotine was absorbed in a set of washing bottles with methanol and analyzed with gas chromatography.

Results: The total level of nicotine in vapor generated by 20 series of 15 puffs varied from 0.5 to 15.4 mg. Most of the analyzed ECs effectively delivered nicotine during the first 150–180 puffs. On an average, 50%–60% of nicotine from a cartridge was vaporized.

Conclusions: ECs generate vapor that contains nicotine, but EC brands and models differ in their efficacy and consistency of nicotine vaporization. In ECs, which vaporize nicotine effectively, the amount inhaled from 15 puffs is lower compared with smoking a conventional cigarette.

So, even though nicotine levels vary by brand, and are generally lower than those of tobacco cigarettes, this study shows  e-cigs produce enough nicotine to satisfy cravings.

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  • Thiema says:

    Hello Tim,There is as yet no conclusive proof eiethr way whether or not electronic cigarettes are healthier that normal tobacco cigarettes.There is no smoking in the traditional sense by that I mean there is no tobacco involved. Though the nicotine is delivered in a different way which is at least perceived to be healthier given the lack of tobacco.With electronic cigarettes it is possible to buy different levels of nicotine and even different flavors plus there is the advantage (depending on your point of view) that they may be used where traditional smoking is banned though it is always advisable to check first.But until medicine or science can say conclusively that they are healthier then I’d suggest that it is down to the individual to make their own choice based on their own preference and experience of tobacco or electronic cigarettes as an alternative.UN:F [1.8.3_1051]please wait…UN:F [1.8.3_1051](from 0 votes)

    • Florin says:

      I would argue that the lack of thousands of deadly chemicals found in analogs alone make e-cigarette safer, but I fully agree with you that using them is a personal choice. I just wish more people would understand that…

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