Manual e-cigs and the old style of pushing a button

Having in mind the fact that there are quite a few e-cig fans that haven’t yet discovered the manual side of an e-cig experience, I will try to present a short but easy to understand review of the forgotten advantages of a manually operated battery.

First of all, I must say that automatic e-cigs are by far the most used type of electronic tobacco devices. In a wi-fi, easy to access, life on a platter kind of world, manual battery e-cigs seem to have obtained the image of an old fashioned or not cool enough experience, most of vaping enthusiasts believing that the push of a button ruins the whole smoking experience.

After realizing the above, I started thinking and came across some compelling pros about manual battery e-cigs.

510N e cigarette and e liquids Manual e cigs and the old style of pushing a button1. Button controlled e-cigs provide, in a self-explanatory way, control over the vaping experience.

2. By pushing the side button you can produce more vapors and the production of more vapors gives you that long lasting feeling you used to get when puffing away a tone of smoke out of a real cig.

3. Manual battery e-cigs also provide quicker cloud of vapors, copying, yet again, in a more lifelike style, the real smoking habit.

4. Faster response from the e-cig, given the fact that the battery is sealed and in permanent contact with the other components.

5. A reduced refill accident prone rate, by avoiding any possible spills that can reach the battery.

6. Battery life control, the side button giving you the possibility to prolong your smoking experience or intensify it.

In conclusion, discussion will always arise, forums will always be a nice place to complain and take sides, pros and cons will always exist but in the end, it’s always helpful to remember the good side of something. I will also try, in the near future to make a list of automatic e-cigs advantages.


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