How to best preserve your e-cig battery

Many e-cig users have similar battery problems.  Either the battery life isn’t what they expect, either the battery, when heavily used, it’s not clean enough and gets quite rapidly dirty or their devices just will not work and the problem has, as main culprit, the battery.

Having been in the position of disappointment in regard to battery related issues, I managed to make a list with things that any common sense user can do in order to diminish their battery enhanced frustration.

Cigarette electronique How to best preserve your e cig battery

The very first thing you should do is to read the usage manual!! Pretty easy right !? Every electronic cigarette device has a manual, some even come with an entire book of guidance. These manuals always cover a large area of topics, in our case, battery management. If followed closely, the tips and advices really help and you will soon see the difference.

When it comes to cleaning your battery, I observed that using a cloth or clean pencil eraser really gets the job done. There will no longer be greasy looking stains that come with finger usage, and the dust that settles on the tip of the battery will almost all be taken care of.

If you really want to preserve your battery and make sure you get all out of it’s life cycle, you should always consider to store your device in a cool, dry place with a normal temperature. After trying to store my e-cigs battery in a fridge, I found out that some internet advices really suck. The only effect it had, was making me crave for some ice-cream.

Another battery life lasting tip I came across was to avoid placing my battery in hot or warm places. It seems that a hellish atmosphere isn’t what the doctor prescribed and my battery started leaking.

Question book How to best preserve your e cig batteryAt last, a good advice to take under advisement is recharging (in case of rechargeable batteries) the right amount of times. Some batteries can only be recharged once, or other have a superior limit for recharging and this information is quite often found in the users manual.


Anyway, the tip about reading the guide book really helps. I got the habit of reading it and not tossing it and plunging directly into smoking. So, the best and final advice from me is to put a leash on your tobacco crave and notice all your devices components.

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