General information on what does a e-cigarette cartridge contain?

Continuing the series of articles for e-cig beginners I thought of giving a quick and easy to understand picture of a e-cigarette cartridge.

Firstly, I have to say that there is no standard definition of an e-cigarette since different manufacturers use different designs and incorporate a range of ingredients. Thus, having in mind that there are so many differences we can’t put our finger on a standard definition.

Secondly, and getting down to business, the one thing we know for sure is that the majority of e-cigarettes consist of:

 General information on what does a e cigarette cartridge contain?

–        A cartridge containing a substance to attract and absorb water molecules from the air;

–        A  long narrow object similar to a pipe that liquid or gas can move through into which a cartridge is inserted and through which the smoker takes a wiff.

–        A battery powered heating piece from which the solution is drawn, causing the attracting and absorbing substance to vaporize and form a kind of a smoke cloud.

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