E-cigarette review kind reminder

Finding detailed info on e-cigarettes is pretty easy, but I think from time to time it would be quite good to bring forward some generic reminding info about them. I consider that new e-cig consumers should also be addressed more often.Ecignewgen E cigarette review kind reminder

Such as, below you will find some usefull generic information about e-cigarettes:

– They look very similar to normal cigarettes (especially from a distance).

– They give you the same feeling when holding them in your hand (especially the new feather weighting ones)

– The e-cig market isn’t quite yet regulated

– Most of them are manufactured with good quality control processes.

– They are not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration as tobacco cessation devices.

– When the e-cigarette is in use, a computer-aided sensor gives a signal to a heating element in the device that releases the liquid in aerosol form for inhalation.

– The effect of an e-cigarette is visible in the moment that a vapor is emitted.

I hope the above information will provide any e-cig new-comer the basics requirements of a e-smoking fan.

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  • Arjund says:

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