Where Are Electronic Cigarettes Made?

e cig45 300x211 Where Are Electronic Cigarettes Made?It is common knowledge that e-cigarettes were first invented in China and introduced to worldwide markets in 2006. Today, Hon Lik’s invention is popular the world over and there are quite a few American companies selling electronic cigarettes. However, it isn’t very well known as to where today’s e-cigs are manufactured. Let’s take a look at some information that’s available on this.

In 2009, a message was posted on the forums of a popular e-cigarette site. According to this message, the website had apparently contacted eight popular e-cig companies, including NJOY, Envy, Smoke 51, GreenSmoke and Safe Cig. In their message, they asked the companies where the e-cigarettes and cartridges were being manufactured, and also raised concerns as to the quality standards and procedures. The response of the companies was unanimous – the e-cigs were manufactured in China.

Through their responses, NJOY maintained that while their products were manufactured in China, they are a US-based company and that they observed a close check on the quality control. Envy also replied that “99% of all e-cigarettes and their components are made in China.” Their manufacturing facility was reported to have been registered with the FDA and in possession of the necessary certifications. According to Smoke 51, their products come out of China too, and are completely tobacco-free.GreenSmoke said that it was not a worrying matter that their products are made in China, and claimed to meet the EU quality standards. Safe Cig also said pretty much the same thing, assuring that their cartridges were fully tested and deemed safe by Chinese laboratories and a lab in New Zealand.

For now, it seems that almost all electronic cigarettes come out of the country that invented them. The main reason for this is no US company can afford to manufacture them in America and sell them at the same price as companies getting them from China.