What Is E-Liquid?

E Liquid 300x261 What Is E Liquid?The e-liquid or e-juice is an oily solution that turns to vapor when an electronic cigarette is activated. Regardless of how good an e-cigarette you’re using, an enjoyable vaping experience ultimately depends on the quality of the e-liquid.

E-liquid usually contains propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors and nicotine. PG is most commonly used as the main ingredient for e-juice, because it produces thick plumes of vapor, but some people are allergic to it, so vegetable glycerin can be used as an alternative. Some e-liquid producers like to mix PG and VG in their products, a solution appreciated by a large part of the vaping community.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of PG in e-liquid, mainly due to a confusion between propylene glycol and propylene glycerol. They have very similar names, but when it comes to composition and use, the two substances are entirely different. While glycol is a common ingredient in various inhalers and cough medicine, glycerol is used to make antifreeze and other dangerous products. Unfortunately many mistake one for the other and make a series of serious claims that scare smokers looking for a healthier alternative right back to tobacco cigarettes.

Vapers who are allergic to propylene glycerol can still enjoy using e-cigarettes with vegetable glycerin e-juice, VG is commonly used as an additive to foods and drinks and is very safe for human consumption. It is an odorless substance slightly thicker and sweeter than PG. It’s a great alternative, but you should know that because of the higher density of the solution, it’s harder for the atomizer to vaporize it.

Apart from these main ingredients, e-liquid also contains various flavors to give it an appealing taste, and small doses of nicotine, for those still craving it after they have quit smoking. Levels of nicotine vary between 0 and 24mg, depending on the brand.

Because electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid they use are so new, the long-term effects on the human body are unknown. However, studies have shown no reason to worry about the composition of e-juice, and there are even scientists and doctors who claim it is a viable alternative to tobacco.