What Is Dripping and How Do You Do It?

drip tips 300x300 What Is Dripping and How Do You Do It?The cartridge of an e-cigarette comes equipped with a filling – which holds the e-juice. It is a light, cotton-like substance that absorbs the liquid. Fillers can be made from a variety of substances, but they do come with their own set of drawbacks. The filler is said to sometimes introduce a ‘funky’ taste into the nicotine vapor and fibrous strands stick out from the cartridge after a few uses. Also, when there’s no juice left in the cartomizer or cartridge, the atomizer burns the filling and you get a nasty burnt taste.

Problems associated with the use of fillers can be easily avoided by using a technique called dripping. Essentially, ‘dripping’ is a method of filling the atomizer directly with e-liquid that can be purchased in small bottles online. Once the atomizer is filled, the vaping process is pretty much the same as with cartomizers. The filler taste is eliminated, and many claim the flavor of the e-liquid is enhanced.

To ‘drip’, simply remove the cartridge and pull out the filling material using a pair of tweezers, or your fingers. Next, open the e-liquid container and directly drip 2-3 drops of juice into the atomizer. Depending on the type of e-cig you are using it would take a maximum of two to three drops. Place the cartridge back without the filler, and you will be all set to begin vaping. This method gives you around five to eight complete puffs, after which you need to drip once more.

Try not to over-fill the atomizer with e-juice, or instead of constantly having to drip directly over the atomizer you’ll run into leaking problems, which are even worse.  As you get familiar with the dripping process, you will figure out how many drops you need to add. It is recommended that you use e-cigs with manual batteries while dripping, so the risk of the liquid entering the battery is minimized, in case of leaks. You could even purchase drip tips that are specially designed for the process. Thick e-juice that is made from 100% vegetable glycerine is generally best for dripping, but it also lead to gunk build-ups around the atomizer as well.

Dripping has a lot of fans in the vaping community, but it’s not really a technique recommended to new electronic cigarette users, since having to constantly drip e-juice on the atomizer and potential leaking problems  can be frustrating,