What Is a USB Passthrough Mod?

USB passthrough 300x300 What Is a USB Passthrough Mod?You might not know it yet, but the vaping passthrough is one of the most useful accessories you could ever have. Considering e-cigarette battery life is important to you, that is.

One of the few things people hate about using an electronic cigarette is always having to charge batteries so you don’t run out of power at the worst possible moment. Some people buy dozens of batteries to make sure they always have enough, while other just charge a couple of them every day. It was quite inconvenient, and e-cigarette companies realized they had to come up with some sort of solution.

That’s how the passthrough was invented. It’s basically an electronic cigarette battery that connects to a power source via a USB cable, and provides the user a satisfying vaping experience without the worries about battery life. Passthroughs can be used with any kind of device that has a USB port, like PCs or laptops and are usually used at home and at work. All you have to do is unscrew a small cap on the battery, connect the USB cable and vape.

Some USB passthroughs connect straight to the atomizer, which only allows them to be used while connected to the powers source, while others connect to the battery, which means they also charge during vaping sessions and can be used even after they’ve been disconnected.

So, passthroughs are e-cigarette mods that allow you to enjoy vaping without having to worry about battery life.