What Is a Disposable Electronic Cigarette?

apollo e cigarette2 What Is a Disposable Electronic Cigarette?Unless they are desperate to quit smoking, people don’t feel very comfortable spending a hefty some of money on a device they don’t know very much about. For them, producers have created the disposable e-cigarette.

The average premium starter kit costs over $50, considerably more than any tobacco cigarette pack available on the market. In reality, e-cigs are a lot cheaper than analogs, but the initial investment tends to scare a lot of ex-smokers. So e-cigarette manufacturers had to come up with the product that was both cheaper and good enough to convince people personal vaporizers were worth the money. And that’s how the disposable e-cig was designed.

I didn’t even know disposable electronic cigarettes existed until I read an Apollo Cigs review that claimed the company was giving away disposables with each new starter kit you purchased. They claimed it had the same quality as their premium e-cigarettes only it could only be used until the battery or e-liquid ran out. The disposable electronic cigarettes is slightly longer than most slim e-cigs, and packs up to 500 puffs of thick vapor.

The mere fact they are disposable has most people convinced this kind of e-cigarettes are low quality, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. On the contrary, since they are aimed at people not yet convinced to fork out the cash for a deluxe starter kit, these things have to perform perfectly. And until they run out of power or juice, that is exactly what they do. The Apollo disposable, for example, is already famous for being a high quality item, valued by the majority of seasoned vapers.

It’s still unclear how companies afford to sell e-cigarette batteries and cartomizers as disposables, at considerably lower process, but the point is these things do what they are supposed to do – convince people that vaping is a viable alternative to tobacco smoking.