What Is a Clearomizer?

Clearomizer 300x232 What Is a Clearomizer?This one is pretty easy to figure out, if you’re already familiar with a cartomizer, but we just thought we’d make it clear for all you newbie vapers. The name hints that a clearomizer is the transparent version of a cartomizer, designed to allow users to see how vaping actually works and how much e-liquid they have left. In reality, things are a little more complicated.

Many in the electronic cigarette business choose to define clearomizers simply as transparent cartomizers, even though they’re not always built the same way. A common cartomizer is made up of a metal or hard plastic casing, polyfill filling and the atomizer. The clearomizer, on the other hand is usually made of thin, very easily breakable plastic, in order to remain transparent. Also most clearomizers don’t have polyfill filling, as it would make it hard for vapers to estimate how much e-juice they have left. Instead they have a wick.

As most recent breakthroughs in the e-cigarette industry, clearomizers have a series of advantages and disadvantages. The greatest thing about their see-through design is obviously the opportunity to witness the atomizing process first hand. This also gives users the opportunity to keep a close eye on e-liquid and easily refill the clearomizer using a syringe. Another thing worth mentioning is that clearomizers are considerably bigger than cartomizers, so even heavy vapers can store enough e-liquid to last them a few days.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in the world of e-cigarettes, and clearomizers have their own faults. Their most important defect is the thin plastic casing which tends to break very easily, compared to metal or hard plastic cartomizers. Unless you’re very careful handling them, clearomizers will crack and leak, leaving you with an oily nicotine mess to clean up. Another downside to these new invention is it can be very messy, because having to fill clearomizers with a syringe can be pretty difficult and you can end up with a lot of spilled e-liquid. But the thing most users complain about is the lacking taste when using clearomizers, and while this is not a general opinion, it has to be taken into consideration before making the switch.

You should always make sure you get what you’re paying for, and that applies to clearomizers, as well. Because a lot of people throw the term around so freely, you might end up with a clear cartomizer full of polyfill filling which is not what a clearomizer should look like, so be careful before clicking the “buy now” button.