What Is a Cartomizer?

e cigarette cartomizer 300x300 What Is a Cartomizer?As the name suggests, the cartomizer is a combination between a cartridge and an atomizer. Basically the two parts have been compressed into an single element that is both easier to use and refill.

When you’re just starting out in the world of e-cigarettes, words like “vaping”and “cartomizer”can be a little confusing, but as soon as you understand their meaning it’s like they’ve always been part of your vocabulary. The cartomizer has a technical ring to it, and is a really special piece of technology used only in association with electronic cigarettes, but once I explain what it’s made of and used for, you’ll be much more comfortable using the word.

When they were invented, in 2003, e-cigarettes were 3-piece devices made up of a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge for the flavor. the battery would power the atomizer, which in turn would heat up and turn the e-liquid in the cartridge into vapor. Pretty simple principle, only like with most brilliant inventions, the original design did have some flaws. The leaking of e-liquid when dragging on the cartridge or refilling it was one of them, and e-cig producers began looking for ways to improve their design. They came up with the cartomizer, a revolutionary component that combined the atomizer and the cartridge into a single compact unit, which prevented leaking and could hold significantly more e-liquid.

Generally, the cartomizers were welcomed with open arms by e-cigarette users tired of getting their hands dirty with e-liquid or ingesting it by mistake. One of the many advantages brought on by the cartomizer was improved practicality. Instead of wasting time dripping e-juice into the cartridge, drop by drop, users could just buy pre-filled cartomizers, screw them on to the battery and just start vaping. Originally, they were created as disposables, but people quickly started figuring out how to refill them and some companies started advertising them as refillable.

Now let’s take a look at what is inside a cartomizer. Although there are different designs available on the market, they all have pretty much the same components. Inside the metal or hard plastic casing of the cartomizer you’ll find a polyfill filling that absorbs the liquid, and an atomizer linked to the battery via a connector. When the battery is activated it will power the atomizer which heats up and turns the juice into thick plumes of vapor that you inhale through the cartomizer’s air tube.

With the first 3-piece model electronic cigarettes you could go through several flavor cartridges on a single atomizer, which greatly reduced its power towards the end of its life cycle, but with the new 2-piece design you get a brand new atomizer with each cartomizer you buy. Some say these have a shorter life span, but if used properly they can actually last a long time. Also, because the atomizer is built in, cartomizers are great for changing flavors. You can have a cart for each of your e-liquids and not worry about flavors carrying over.

The cartomizer is an essential part of the modern electronic cigarette, one without which you don’t have much of a vaporizer.