How Durable Are E-Cigarettes?

e cigarette3 300x195 How Durable Are E Cigarettes?Nobody wants to spend tens, even hundreds of dollars on a product they’ll only be able to use a short time before it breaks down. Fortunately, the best e-cigarettes have a relatively long life.

Unlike diamonds, electronic cigarettes are not forever. In time, their components degrade and have to be replaced, but the same thing happens with any other electronic device, so there’s no need to despair. All you need to know is even though you’ll be replacing dozens of batteries and atomizers throughout your vaping experience, you’ll spend considerably less money than you did on analog smokes.

But regarding the durability of e-cigarettes it’s close to impossible to estimate how long an e-cigarette lasts before you have to replace something it. It has a lot to do with the overall quality of the components and the way it’s used. For example, some parts are defective from the moment they go out the factory doors, while others just can’t take intensive vaping for long periods of time, especially the atomizers.

The good thing about vaping is many established electronic cigarette suppliers offer lifetime warranty for the electronic components of their devices, so every time a battery fails, they’ll replace it, no questions asked. Atomizers last anywhere from a few weeks to over a year, but most of vapers replace them after a few months. You have to think of them as light bulbs, no matter how careful you are with them, at one point you’ll have to change them.

Cartomizers are also considered disposables, but the goof thing is you can refill them multiple times before having to throw them away. Some use them just once or twice while others do it dozens of times, it all depends on how willing you are to waste time dripping e-juice into them.