How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

e cigarette2 300x199 How Do E Cigarettes Work?There a lot of e-cigarette brands to choose from right now, and their number is increasing each day, but despite what any of them claim, the technology behind their vaporizers is the same. So let’s take a look at how e-cigarettes work:

All electronic cigarettes are made up of two or three components. The older 3-piece cigarettes consist of a battery, an atomizer and a flavor cartridge, while the new 2 piece designs have the atomizer and flavor cartridge in a single compact piece called a cartomizer. Just to be clear, 2-piece e-cigarettes are considered more practical than the original 3-piece models, but the y both function by the same principles.

E-cigarette batteries are usually lithium-ion and can be charged via wall outlet, USB port or PCC (Portable Charging Case). They connect to the atomizer and provide power for the atomizing process, when they are activated by drag or the press of a button, in the case of manual batteries. They feature a colored LED that lights up every time the battery is activated.

The atomizer is the most impressive e-cigarette component as it is the one responsible for creating those thick plumes of vapor. It is connected to the battery on one end, and the e-liquid on the other. Each time the battery is activated, the heating element of the atomizer turns the liquid into vapor, which the user inhales through an air tube in the cartridge. It’s a pretty straightforward process that is used in various other walks of life.

The e-liquid is mainly propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin mixed with flavors and small doses of nicotine. It contains none of the thousands of toxic substances found in tobacco, and when atomized, it looks just like smoke.