Do E-Cigarettes Require Any Maintenance?

e cig maintenance 300x211 Do E Cigarettes Require Any Maintenance?One of the things that scare smokers away from electronic cigarettes is the hassle of having to clean them every few days, but the truth is these innovative devices require only elementary maintenance.

Many e-cigarette reviews claim the best vaporizers in the business feature self-cleaning technology that saves users the effort from having to clean them periodically. Unfortunately these so-called revolutionary technological breakthroughs are just marketing schemes meant to trick readers into buying the most expensive e-cigs. The truth is even the best electronic cigarette needs some cleaning every once in a while, so be prepared to get your hands dirty.

If you’re using 3-piece e-cigarettes, your most serious maintenance problem is the atomizer. The battery doesn’t need any cleaning, and flavor cartridges are so cheap they aren’t even worth the effort of cleaning them, but the atomizer is a different matter. This is the crucial component that turns e-liquid into vapor, and also the one that takes the most punishment, so if you want to use if for a long time, you’ll have to clean it a few times.

There are plenty of atomizer cleaning techniques, and some work better than others, depending on the atomizer model and your cleaning skill. You have the dry burn, which implies powering the atomizer for a long time to get it red hot and clean off excess liquid, but this can be dangerous both for the user and the atomizer. This puts a lot of strain both on the atty and the battery. Others prefer to use hot water, alcohol or just paper towels, and they all work very well if you do them right.

If you’re a fan or cartomizers, you should know they too get choked up by old e-liquid, and need to be cleaned. Some prefer to replace them once the flavor starts to feel watered down, and that’s great, if you can afford it, but there is an alternative if you’re willing to do the work. It’s called Cartoblast and involves pushing water through the carto to remove the e-liquid residue.