Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Beat Nicotine Addiction?

e cigarette pic 300x195 Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Beat Nicotine Addiction?When Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette, in 2003, he probably never imagined it would ever become this popular. His goal was to create a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, a habit that had killed his father and was threatening his own life. For years, everyone thought his personal vaporizer was indeed an effective alternative to smoking, but recent user reports show the e-cigarette might actually help people get over their nicotine addiction, in the long run.

As you probably already know, electronic cigarettes are advertised as safe devices that work by turning nicotine-based e-liquid into harmless vapor, via a built-in atomizer. The concoction everyone knows as “e-liquid” or “e-juice” contains propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin and nicotine. So by offering ex-smokers the daily dose of nicotine and mimicking an analog, the e-cigarette is actually able to keep most ex-smokers from relapsing and taking up smoking again.

The fact that e-cigarettes work wonders as a last resort for people looking for a way to successfully give up smoking has been known for a while now. Despite all controversy regarding the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on the human body, a number of reputed physicians have acknowledged their potential as efficient smoking cessation aids. Studies have shown they may actually be even better than conventional therapies like using nicotine gum and patches to get over the withdrawal period.

But while it’s perfectly understandable how the e-cigarette makes a great smoking alternative, many people find it very hard to understand how it can help smokers beat nicotine addiction, when it contains various concentrations of the drug in the vaporized e-liquid. It does seem a little far-fetched, and some have even interpreted the claim as an advertising scheme suppliers use to market their products and get smokers interested. Knowing how tough nicotine addiction is to beat, a product that helps you overcome it by actually letting you use the very substance you crave can be considered a gold mine.

Fully aware of their bold claims, e-cigarette companies have come up with a couple of theories on how their products can help ex-smokers beat nicotine addiction, in time. Both of them are based on the quantity of nicotine people put into their bodies by using electronic cigarettes. When smoking analogs, most smokers feel compelled to finish the whole thing, even though they’ve already had their necessary dose of nicotine. With the price of tobacco cigarettes being so steep these days, they feel like they’re throwing away their money if they don’t smoke every cigarette completely. Their second argument is the variable dosage of nicotine in e-liquid. Most suppliers sell juices with nicotine concentrations of between 0 and 18 milligrams, and while long-term smokers may start off with the strongest variety, in time, many of them experience with lighter liquids, and eventually go nicotine-free.

And suppliers aren’t the only ones saying e-cigarettes help beat nicotine addiction. Vaping forums are full of user testimonies of how they were able to finally get back their self-esteem after using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Because e-cigarettes are so new, there haven’t been any studies conducted to prove if there is any truth to this claims, but considering the impact on our health, it’s definitely something the FDA and health organizations worldwide should look into.