Can E-Cigarettes Cause Nicotine Poisoning?

Nicotine molecule 300x199 Can E Cigarettes Cause Nicotine Poisoning?This is probably one of the worst fears people have when using electronic cigarettes, and for good reason, as nicotine poisoning is indeed one of the worst momentary sicknesses, and in some cases it can even be fatal.

So can using e-cigarettes lead to a nicotine overdose? Well, yes, but that doesn’t make them dangerous devices, like some people would have you believe. The truth is, even drinking too much water will make it toxic for your body, but as long as you have common sense, you should be perfectly fine. Some say analog cigarette filters reduce the amount of nicotine a smoker inhales, and that since e-cigs don’t have filters, vapers are more prone to getting nicotine poisoning. But that’s not really how things work. First of all, if you’re using low or medium-nicotine e-liquid, the chances of an OD are very slim, as you’d have to inhale a lot of of vapor in a very short period of time. But the most important defense you have against this threat is your own body.

What many people preaching about the dangers of using e-cigarettes don’t want you to know is that vaping directly replaces  the habit of smoking, and that includes our natural self-regulation of nicotine intake. When a smoker crosses the line and ingests too much of the addictive substance, his body immediately starts sending signals telling him to slow down. The same thing happens with vaping. These symptoms are very hard to ignore, so as long as you have some common sense, it’s very hard too get nicotine poisoning. If you’ve used your electronic cigarette a bit too much, you’ll start getting a little dizzy, experience headaches and even get a bit nauseous, but if you back off, the symptoms subside pretty quickly. But it’s important you know the signs, so you can stop before it’s too late.

The keys to avoiding serious conditions like nicotine overdose are moderation and common sense. If you used to smoke a pack of of lights a day, don’t go for the 36mg e-liquid. Start with the 11mg juice and jump to 18mg if you feel you’re not getting your fix. And definitely try to avoid smoking tobacco cigs and e-cigarettes at the same time, as that’s very likely to lead to nicotine poisoning.

Bottom line, it’s definitely possible to OD on e-cigarettes, but it’s pretty hard. While analogs have chemicals added to them to increase the uptake of the nicotine, with vaporizers it’s just natural absorption. That means you have plenty of time to stop nicotine intake as soon as your body starts sending you signals.