Automatic vs. Manual E-cigarette Batteries

e cigarette battery 300x300 Automatic vs. Manual E cigarette BatteriesBeing a newbie vaper it’s tough to make a choice between automatic and manual e-cigarette batteries, especially if you’ve never used either. It’s very important to know the pros and cons of both of them so you can make the right decision and start of your new vaping career on the right note.

Most electronic cigarette brands allow their clients to choose what kind of battery they would like for their vaporizer. Some starter kits include one of each, but if you opt for an economy package with just one battery, you’ll want to know which one to get. First, let’s focus on what automatic and manual batteries are.

Automatic batteries (autos) are activated by drag. All you have to do is screw them onto the cartomizer or atomizer once their charged and draw on the e-cigarette to activated it. It will power the atomizer and produce vapor. It’s really easy to use, which is why most newbies start their vaping experience with this type of battery. A lot of people prefer them because they make vaping as natural as smoking a tobacco cigarette, which is why many of them turned to e-cigs as an alternative.

The manual batteries are favored by more experienced vapers who want more control over their hit. In order to activate a manual device, the user has to press a small button on the battery, to power it up. It’s not very difficult to do, but some people complain it’s not as natural as smoking a real cigarette. The great advantage of manual e-cigarettes is they take priming out of the equation. With autos, the user has to take two short draws on the e-cig to heat up the atomizer before to make sure they get a nice amount of vapor, but with a manual, all they have to do is push the button two seconds before drawing on the device.

You should know both automatic and manual e-cig batteries have their faults. For example one of the biggest risk when using autos is you can easily short circuit because of leaky cartomizers. If you’re not careful, and just a single drop of e-liquid makes its may through the center whole of the battery, it will fry it and you’ll have to get a new one. Many people also frequently complain that automatic batteries can be spontaneously activated by a variety of factors like loud noise or strong wind. However, I can tell you good quality batteries like those on the Smokeless Image Volt don’t have this problem.

But manual batteries aren’t perfect either. Although they give vapers more control, they can take a little getting used to. A,though manuals are generally sealed off from the cartomizer, which eliminates the risk of a short circuit on account of leaking, they do also power up if the button is accidentally pressed in your pocket or in a purse. You wouldn’t believe how often that happens if you’re not careful.

Bottom line, both manual and automatic e-cigarette batteries have their strong points and weaknesses, and you should make your choice based on personal preference. If possible, we recommend you try both types and decide which one is better suited for you.