E-Cigarette Company Secures Patent for Puff Counter Technology

Logic e cigarettes E Cigarette Company Secures Patent for Puff Counter TechnologyLivingston-based Logic E-Cigarettes recently announced the company has recently been issued a patent for a puff counting display that tracks the usage of its disposable electronic cigarettes.

“This will be the future of the electronic cigarettes,” Eli Alelov, president and CEO of Logic said about the new puff counter.  “With cigarettes you can open the pack and know when you need to go to the store to buy more. You don’t have that with electronic cigarettes now. No one is counting the puffs as they smoke, so they never know how much they have left.” The New Jersey company hopes this new technology will give them an advantage over other e-cigarette suppliers in the very competitive e-cigarette business.

Although he didn’t give too many details about the new technology, Alelov announced the digital counter on Logic disposable e-cigs will not only let users know precisely how many puffs there are left in their devices, but also how many virtual cigarettes they have left, or how much vapor is stored in the e-cigarette. This relevant data will apparently be stored on an electronic chip. “This new technology will redefine the players and who people want to use,” Alelov told CSPnet. “It will redesign the landscape of the industry.”

Logic E-Cigarettes is the first company to secure this kind of “puff counting” technology. According to its president, Logic may start marketing disposable electronic cigs with puff counters in the next 10 – 12 months, and he expects the products to be available for purchase by next summer. Although CSPnet only mentions disposable e-cigarettes, a different source states Logic is planning to implement its digital puff counter into its entire e-cigarette line.

I have to say I am somewhat intrigued by Logic’s announcement. I have seen similar digital displays on bulkier e-cigarette models like the eGo-T, but that only showed the number of puffs you had taken from the device, and the battery level. According to Logic’s announcement, their proprietary technology will give users the option to check the number of remaining puffs or virtual cigarettes,  and show a simple color-coded line indicating how much vapor is left in the e-cig.

Pretty interesting stuff, but i wonder if it’s not just a marketing scheme. It’s too early to tell, but I’m looking forward to seeing how Logic e-cigarettes display the number of available puffs, considering everyone has their own style of vaping. Will the puff counter adapt to the length and power of the user’s drag, or will it have a default number of puffs? I guess we’ll see in 2013.

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  • Wesley says:

    It wasn’t listed on here, but I was smoking an enjoiy e cig when it leaked and burned me.

  • humpty says:

    Surely the Patent Office did not let them get away with merely attaching an off-the-shelf counter circuit to an e-cig switcher ?

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