California Deputy Attorney General Decided to Ban E-Cigarette Flavors

e liquid 300x300 California Deputy Attorney General Decided to Ban E Cigarette FlavorsIf you’re a vaper living in California, you’ve probably already noticed flavored e-liquids have almost disappeared. No, it’s not the high demand, but the result of the state’s Deputy Attorney General’s decision to ban all e-cigarette flavors except tobacco and menthol.

As if electronic cigarettes hadn’t taken enough flak already, California’s Deputy Attorney General, Jeanne Finnberg, has decided to start her own crusade against them. Although there is apparently no legislation to back up her actions, Finnberg took it upon herself to notify e-liquid vendors they had 90 days to stop selling flavored e-liquid or face serious legal consequences. According to California Health and Safety Code 119405, the sale of electronic cigarettes and their components to minors is strictly forbidden, but the act makes no mention of any prohibited e-liquid flavors. This hasn’t stopped the Deputy Attorney General and her enforcers from using the above code as justification for her decision to ban flavored e-cigarette juice.

As you’d expect, Jeanne Finnberg’s actions did not go unnoticed, and concerned vapers started questioning the legality of her campaign against e-cig flavors. She actually responded to one of the commentators, invoking the health and safety of the state’s minors as justification for her decision:

I am responding to your comment or question you posted online on the website of the Attorney General of California. You asked what laws California is enforcing by asking various electronic cigarette companies to stop selling flavored electronic cigarette products. The answer is that Ca Health & Safety Code prohibits the sales of electronic cigarettes to minors. We believe that flavored electronic cigarette products (other than tobacco or menthol) are designed to appeal to youth and are likely used as marketing devices to increase sales to minors in violation of the statute. We do not believe that the actions by the office to discourage the use and promotion of child-like flavors are arbitrary. Rather we believe that we are protecting the public health and safety of our young residents.

I hope that this answers your question.

Sincerely yours, Jeanne Finberg

Nicely formulated answer, I must say, but it actually doesn’t clarify the situation at all. The fact that they “believe” metal tank 300x225 California Deputy Attorney General Decided to Ban E Cigarette Flavorsflavored electronic cigarette products appeal to kids doesn’t justify this kind of a ban. I’m pretty sure sport cars appeal to most kids as well, but I didn’t hear anything about the state banning them. Instead they just don’t allow minors to buy or drive them. Why should adult vapers have to give up their favorite flavors just because they appeal to children? Unless they know the details of their parents’ credit cards they couldn’t buy e-cigarettes online, even if they did lie about they age to access e-cig websites. And there is already legislation against vendors who sell this stuff to kids, so the flavored e-liquid ban really makes no sense to me.

Although anyone is free to draw whatever conclusions they like between flavored e-liquids and marketing to minors, the fact remains there is currently no legislation prohibiting vendors from selling e-cigarette juice of any flavor to age-verified residents of California.

It remains to be seen if the current ban on flavors will be enforced further, but a lot of vendors and vapers have already been affected by the recent decision.

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  • Larry says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous abuses of power I ever heard of. Aside from the fact that an Assistant Attorney General does not pass legislation, I am a 60 year old man, who smoked 2 packs a day–until I purchased my first e-cigarette. I quit smoking that day, after failing more times than I can remember, using the patch, gum, lozenges, hypnosis, Smoke-Enders etc. I am currently using tobacco flavor liquid and blueberry to switch between.

    • gary says:

      congrats keeping vaping . I am on my 1 year this month not smoking and my copd hasn’t bothered me since I stop smoking . I was smoking 3 to 4 packs a day.

  • jessieamendoza says:

    I was a smoker for 19 in half yr. and bought 4 packs in three days so in a week thats 8 packs!!!
    thats roughly $ 50.00 a week so in a month thats $ 200.00 Jeanne Finnberg!! you should gather more answer and do more homework about e-liquids and compare the ingredients of a regular cigarettes. I’m new to Vaping but im also glad that someone came out with this products because i have completely stop smoking cigarettes for about 7 months and saving money! to me this a the best way…. My family are proud and my kids are happy that i have stop smoking inhaling toxic tar burning paper and whatever else is in the cigarettes. also i don’t have to hide nor carry the heavy stentch of a cigarette. To me this is the future. There are millions of american that smoke and tried to quit cold turkey but fail and come back to smoking cigarettes. banning e-liquid is not a wise decition to do. That will allow not just me but millions of people to come back and continue to purchase and spend hundreds of dollars. why don’t you focus more on baning cigarettes? Now that!! Is a threat to minors… and who are you kidding there are more minors smoking now….. like i said you should do more research and complete your homework Jeanne Finnberg before you start banning. by the way e-liquid is based of pv-pg ingredients. if you don’t know that like i said do your homework and once you do then compare to cigarettes gods know what you’ll find you’ll be amazed!

  • Mike says:

    If other states can buy flavors, how should people in California not be permitted to, when there is nothing explicitly banning thrm.. They should sell any and all flavors to residents of all states, incl. California.

  • Jan says:

    People have been smoking since the beginning of time. Why do the goody 2 shoes always get their way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with e-cigs. I have not touched a regular cig since February after smoking for 40+ years and e-cigs are helping me quit. I am now down to 0 nicotine. I am proof the e-cig is a good vice for smokers who want to quit. Why take that away? Caffeine is addicting, why not ban coffee? Get over it and let people have their rights.

  • Mousey says:

    As to the various flavors, it could be pointed out that the various non-tobacco based flavors actually are beneficial if they are being used to quit. Studies have shown it is easier to quit when experienced tied to smoking are removed. While it make sense to use something that tastes like your regular brand when you first start using this method as a device to quit, once you get down to 0mg levels, it begins to make sense to change the taste as well, so that you’re not reminded of the act of traditional cigarettes. This in turn would my its very nature, prevent relapsing to conventional tobacco products, or even returning to a vapor liquid containing nicotine again. Just my analysis of the situation. Perhaps if it’s a question of not encouraging non-smokers to start with e-cigs, then regulate the non-tobacco flavored liquids to maintain a 0mg level?

  • Kassamai says:

    This blatant lie stating they want flavors removed to protect children from committing criminal acts is ridicules. If they cared anything about saving underage criminals, they would be fighting to ban children targeted alcohol flavors like chocolate milk, chocolate whipped cream and strawberry shortcake vodkas.
    This proves that the governments don’t care at all about children, adults die all the time from alcohol poisoning and passing out and chocking in their vomit, but the so called protectors of children don’t care about them at all. I lost my entire life over kool-aid flavored alcohol, I had to quit school at 15 and live in the streets. Alcohol was the only reason I started smoking at 13 because everyone said they taste good while drinking.

  • Deborah says:

    You don’t get it the attorney general takes bribes from the tobacco industry who tells the attorney general to ban these product as they don’t want to loose their customers and the state does not want to loose the tax revenue from cigarettes

  • Efthymia says:

    This is absurd!!! I agree with previous comments that this is an abuse of power, which is what our government is becoming best at!!! I am 39 years old and I have been a menthol smoker for 27 years… I started smoking way too young. The flavors are what appealed to me and I have quit smoking successfully for the first time and almost hit a point of vaping 0 nicotine. So many of our friends and co-workers have also converted due to the appeal of the flavors and none of the aforementioned people are minors! People need to take a stand… Worry that she likely wants the money the tobacco companies are offering her for support but we have a right to make our own choices!!! If this is allowed it will be the beginning of other states doing the same and I will gladly vote against any politician who wastes tax payers dollars of this issue and clearly has no problems abusing authority with no regard as to what the people who elect them really want!

  • jonathan carbonera says:

    When I was a teen, What I fucking wanted more than anything were roll up tobacco like Bali Shag, Kite, and Drum. Non filtered like Lucky Strikes, Camel Wides, Kamel Reds, Marlboro Reds, and Newport Kings. I really liked tobacco and menthol flavors as a kid, same with my peers. HOW THE FUCK DOES LIMITING THEM TO THOSE FLAVORS I ENJOYED AS A KID FUCKING MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE, AS A TEEN I WOULD BE LIKE “Man Ima try out that menthol flavor, gimme the highest nicotine” Before I simply continue smoking my cigarettes. Flavors woulda seemed like pussy shit to me, but then I grew up and matured, around college when e cigs first popped around I bought the tobacco flavored ones, moved up to a vape pen, used tobacco flavor, then late twenties got me a dripper and tried out some other flavors and guess what? I LOVE THAT SHIT. I AM VAPING ON Mother’s Milk, this against flavors is shit, its completely arbitrary! Plus those teens will either score cigarettes or vapes, you guys @ cali just want the tax revenue from the teens smoking cigs you once had, Fuck you all. Btw if I lived in cali, I would be selling that shit on he street, or the internet fuck California.

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