Apollo eCigs Is Giving Away 1 Million Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Apollo disposable e cigarette Apollo eCigs Is Giving Away 1 Million Disposable Electronic CigarettesApollo eCigs, one of the most popular e-cigarette companies in America, has announced what may very well be the largest giveaway in the history of electronic cigarettes.

If you’ve already read our Apollo e-cigarette review, you know we’re very fond of their disposable, especially because they give away one for free with each order. But now the company has decided to take things to the next level by giving away 1 million of their disposable electronic cigarettes for a simple share on a social media platform. That means all anyone has to do is share news of the Apollo giveaway on their Twitter or Facebook profile, post a link on their site or forum and they get a free disposable. So if you were reluctant to spend some cash on an electronic cigarette, you’re fresh out of excuses.

But why would a company simply give away 1 million disposables when it could very well sell them for profit, like everyone else? Most of the reports I’ve read just talk about what special a company Apollo eCis is and how it stands to lose big money just to convert smokers to a healthier alternative and probably save their life in the process. Although I agree it’s a commendable way of introducing smokers to electronic cigarettes, it’s also a very clever and effective way of promoting the Apollo brand and expanding their client base. If only a small percentage of the people trying out its disposable electronic cigarette switch to vaping, they’ll get back their investment in this campaign tenfold, not to mention the benefits of the social media advertisement. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, on the contrary, it’s a perfect example that you can do good business and help both smokers and the whole electronic cigarette industry at the same time.

There is a small catch to Apollo’s 1 million disposable e-cigarettes giveaway. Anyone who wants one still has to pay$2. So technically it’s not really free, but that’s a very small price to pay for a great product like Apollo’s and it’s just a legal obligation in order to verify users’ age. As you know, you can’t use electronic cigarettes of any kind unless you’re at least 18 years old. And it probably also covers the cost of shipping.

In June, V2 Cigs set a world record for most people vaping at the same time, gathering 500 people at Winward Plaza in Venice Beach, and although that seemed pretty huge at the time, it seems almost insignificant compared to Apollo’s endeavor. So if you a smoker friend who’d be willing to give electronic cigarettes a chance for free, make sure you let him know about Apollo eCigs’ giveaway. You’d really be doing them a bigger favor than they realize.


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  • Elisa Ritter says:

    This has great potential , everyone catch on!!!!!!!!!

  • Doug says:

    Have not tried the ecig yet, been smoking a long time and just wanted a way to safely step down and eventually dial out tobacco from my life and body. I am hoping this leads to the result I want. I posted the apollo html on my facebook and it lead me to a form page which I filled out, I was surprised with a request to pay postage after advertising “free” so strongly, but hey, it does cost to send, so why not give it a shot. I gave my debit data and opted not to keep it on file with them and was directed to a confirmation page, within 30 minutes I got a confirmation e-mail, the postage amount was quickly deducted from my account, also within 30 minutes. ON my confirmation e-mail it stated that expected delivery would be 1 – 3 days. So far so good … will rate as a 4 at this point(lost 1 for the surprise postage trick) ….Doug

  • Doug says:

    Now that I re-read .. I see it was mentioned in the advert .. my mistake .. sorrrry … haha .. will give them a five

  • sandy says:
    5 stars

    Hoping this will help me quit smoking..get them free is one way to start!

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