Florin1 AboutE-CigaretteReviewSite.net is the brainchild of Florin and Michael, two ex-smokers who owe their tobacco-free lives to electronic cigarettes.

Best friends since childhood, we both started smoking about the same time, at the age of 17. Like most teens, we thought it made us look cool, so we bought a pack every time we went out. In just a few months we would smoke through a whole pack a day, and, obviously, we got hooked. That didn’t seem to be a problem at the time, as everyone was doing it, but fast forward 10 years and we were both looking to quit. Smoking had become a serious health problem for me as I couldn’t even run for 50 meters without gasping for air, and Michael had serious money problems because of them.

The first time I discovered e-cigs was in 2008, after reading an article on the revolutionary Gamucci electronic cigarette. It had a really nice look and the article said it contained none of the dangerous toxins in tobacco, and since we had already tried quitting cold turkey and chewing nicotine gum, we decided it was worth a try. Needless to say we were pretty disappointed after the first few puffs, but that was mainly because we were using it as an analog. It took us a while to realize we needed to take slow and long draws, but after that vaping got better and better, and we’ve been doing it ever since.

We decided to build our own E-Cigarette Review Site after realizing we didn’t agree with the views of most other similar websites. Michael and me had already tried many of the most popular e-cigs on the market, so we felt we had enough vaping experience to provide objective expert reviews.

We make it our goal to offer comprehensive, informative e-cigarette reviews so that our readers can choose the right vaporizer for their needs. If you don’t agree with our views, please leave your thoughts in the “user reviews” section so that other vapers may benefit from your experiences.