2013 “E-cigs” quick newsflash

2013 will certainly be named, years on, the e-cig policy year. Everyone craves to make a difference and be part of a new and vote making decision. 2013 is as of this moment, the year where the piece of cake named electronic ciggarettes is being chewed with a big queezy mouth. The following wants to be just a quick scan of today’s battling front, bringing in attention just a few big actors and their latest big moves and intentions.


New York City just joined this year’s party by implementing a new policy aimed at under-21 tobacco crazed fans. The recent voted law is quite self-explanatory, and follows Boston’s example from 2005 by raising the allowed age for buying tobacco related products, including e-cigs, at 21 years.united states flag 300x203 2013 E cigs” quick newsflash

The example seems to gather up quite a crowd, Hawaii and New Jersey being announced as the next states to adopt a similar policy.

The irony or coincidence stands in the fact that, 2013 started off with great news for electronic cigarettes, as Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York (weird right) issued in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, a point of view stating that more and more people use “vaping” to help them quit smoking or just diminish their lust for “the tobacco stick”.

Having all of the above in mind, and knowing that, e-cig domain still baffles everyone and raises a lot of shoulder among scientists, we can only ask ourselves why doesn’t New York listen to their bright minds studies and, instead, take adverse legal reaction towards e-cig, putting it in the same basket with all tobacco product.


Meanwhile, on the other side of Atlantic, 2013 was filed with turmoil and confusion. The debate regarding medical inclusion of e-cigs brings The European Commission and Council in proposal contrasting position toward Europe’s Parliament.

euflag460 300x180 2013 E cigs” quick newsflashWe must state that, from Europe’s Parliament point of view, October of 2013 brought new and hard regulatory framework for   tobacco products but not for e-cig related ones, making a clear distinction between them and including them in the medical products category.

We can only sit and wait, as Santa Claus’s homeland, Europe, decides once and for all to make a consolidated position and issue a clear and easy to implement framework. It seems that on this X-mas, the e-cig matter will be addresed and be brought as a gift for al Europeans.


E-cig craze started in China in 2003( where else), and is, in many countries, still banned.(Australia, Canada, Lebanon)

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  • Jannet says:

    Hmm, I’ve had a fair few issues with inlcetilig myself. The first one I picked up just in a local newsagents battery would die after just one or two drags. The second one I got as a replacement took forever to produce vapour and heat up the cart. When it did finally kick into gear it was actually ok. Though a battery life of 8-12 hours is nothing like I experienced with it. I’d be lucky to get 2 hrs out it. The carts last longer then other ecigs though which is a positive. After 4 days however

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